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Aliph limited-edition Jawbone headsets

Posted in Headsets by Darrin Olson on March 1st, 2008

Aliph Sweet Talk and Dirty Talk limited-edition Jawbone headsetsAccording to an announcement, Aliph has released a few new designs of the wireless Bluetooth Jawbone headsets in three new limited-edition styles. The Jawbone headset seemed to be fairly stylish as it was, coming in colors of red, black and sliver with the sharp, metal grill look.

Aliph Trash Talk Limited edition Jawbone headsetThe three new models are from designer Yves Behar and come in gold, white, and black each complete with their own theme. The black model has a “mud flap girl” silhouette and is called the Dirty Talk. The gold model is called the Sweet Talk and ha a flower etched into it, and lastly (and our favorite), the white model is named the Trash Talk and has some expletive symbols stamped into the side.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset From Cingular

Posted in Accessories,Cingular,Headsets,News by Darrin Olson on December 21st, 2006

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset From Aliph and CingularToday Cingular Wireless and Aliph introduced the new and unique wireless Jawbone Bluetooth Headset which provides a new style along with technology to improve the clarity and comprehension of conversations in noisy environments.

This headset is unique in a couple different ways, and the first thing that draws attention is it’s futuristic look from the perforated shield on the outside. The look of the Jawbone comes from a designer named Yves Behar who has an diverse assortment of ‘futurespective’ product designs for different markets, and has definitely given this product a distinctive look.

The other key feature that sets this headset apart is it’s Noise Shield technology used to cancel out background noise and zero in on the users voice. The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset technology queries the sounds around it 500 times per second to help enhance your voice …