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Xaver 800 device See’s Through Walls

Posted in Spy Gear by Chetz on January 11th, 2007

Xaver-800 Sees Through WallsThe folks at Camero have developed a device that can “see” through walls for military and law enforcement agencies during urban operations.

The Xaver 800 uses a novel and patented approach by employing ultra-wideband (UWB) RF signals to create 3D images of people and other objects that are otherwise hidden behind solid barriers such as a wall. The device can render the objects in 3D, and is able to see through wall-type barriers made of cement, plaster, brick, and wood.

The 3D images are returned in real-time and allow the objects being viewed to be watched from multiple angles, which could help in many situations to provide life-saving information. Camero states that the Xaver 800 is safe despite the signals it emits to view items through walls, and that the total energy that is actually transmitted is only a fraction of what is emitted …