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Cowon V5W Windows CE 6.0 PMP with full HD playback

Posted in Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on July 8th, 2010

Cowon has just announced a new portable media player, the V5W. It’s powered by Windows CE 6.0 and has a proprietary user interface. It features an 800 x 480 pixel 4.8-inch touchscreen, HDMI output, 1080p video player, document apps, games, dictionaries, eBook reader, web browser, Wi-Fi, and an email client.

An SDHC memory card slot is also included in case the built-in storage of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB isn’t enough. The prices $330, $380, and $455 for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

New Jointech Windows CE laptop looks, prices cheap

Posted in Notebooks by Nino Marchetti on July 28th, 2008

Jointech JL7100

Jointech has announced a Windows CE laptop which is pretty cheap when you look at what it has to offer. The Jointech JL7100 is priced at what looks to be around $100 (whether that is American or Hong Kong currency is unknown).

The Jointech JL7100 sports a 7-inch display capable of 800 x 480 VGA resolution. It runs Windows CE 5.0 and includes many of the typical Microsoft applications of that OS, including Word, Excel, Media Player and Internet Explorer. Keep in mind that this is not a full Windows XP or Vista laptop, so your choices for installing other types of software will be limited.