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Wi-Spi EX30: Nightvision Camcorder w/ Wireless Monitor

Posted in Spy Gear by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2009

Wi-Spi EX30: Nightvision Camcorder w/ Wireless MonitorThis device will give you some peace of mind while you slack off at work. The Wi-Spi EX30 features an ultra-thin Wireless LCD Video Monitor that lets you see what’s happening in the next room, outside your cubicle, or even behind you while you’re working. You don’t want your boss sneaking up on you after all.

Just mount it on the side of your computer monitor and you’ll be able to visually see when anyone approaches. The Wi-Spi’s camera is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and will wirelessly stream footage back to the LCD screen, which is cool. But it can also simultaneously record footage onto an SD card.