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Calorie Breath keeps off the extra pounds

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on March 22nd, 2010

Calorie breath. It sounds like an insult. Hey Calorie breath, you could use a breath mint. It’s a device that claims that it will help you keep the pounds off. It has to be used once a day for five minutes. Breathing in from the device supposedly causes a stomach movement that will slim you down.

Notice the packaging. No hot women here shown after successfully using the product. Instead they show a rather uh, shapely large woman. One good thing is that while this is in your mouth, you won’t be shoving food in.

Toilet Seat Scale allows you watch as you lose weight

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on January 7th, 2009

Toilet Seat Scale allows you watch as you lose weightScales come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are on your mouse. Sometimes they are on a chair. And sometimes they can be found on a toilet seat.

Which makes sense. Losing weight is hard. It might help motivate you, if you can see visually just how much you lose on the old John. Because we all know we lose some weight on the throne. Now it’s time to see just how much. Judging by that rabbit-thing’s reaction, it seems that he/she has just pinched a weighty loaf.

Ubisoft announces My Weight Loss Coach for DS

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on February 13th, 2008

Ubisoft announces My Weight Loss Coach
It’s nice to see video game companies getting more into fitness, since they are responsible for much of the lard on couches across America. Ubisoft just announced a new title that should be available this summer called My Weight Loss Coach. The game is targeted at both casual and overweight players. The idea is to use customizable coaching sessions and a pedometer accessory to track physical activity.

The pedometer can be synced to the DS, and will help you keep track of daily physical effort, but it also goes a step further, helping you balance your food intake.

Lose weight with EnterTRAINment

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Chetz on September 23rd, 2006


This Entertrainer is somewhat of a motivational exercise gadget for working out at home. This little decagon shaped device has two basic functions.

The first function is as a heart rate monitor. It wirelessly tracks your heart rate from an included strap you wear around your torso. The second function is a wireless remote to your TV or other entertainment that uses a wireless remote and has a volume.

You set up the Entertrainer with your own age, gender, length of workout and what type of workout you want to do. The gadget will then calculate a target heart rate for you.

The idea for this is as you exercise you must keep your heart rate up in order to keep the TV volume up, or whatever you are watching or listening to. If you start to slack off, the volume goes down. If you can lip read …