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K-box turns tables and walls into giant speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2009

K-box turns tables and walls into giant speakersKerchoonz has announced the K-box, a portable device about the size of the iPhone, that will turn your tables, walls and other flat surfaces into giant speakers. It works by plugging into your laptop, portable gaming device, netbook, mp3 player etc, that is equipped with a headphone jack.

Just set it on a desktop, table top or wall and with its internal patented gel audio technology, it will turn the entire surface beneath it into a giant speaker, with some fantastic bass sound. I wonder if it will honk off the neighbors in your apartment building if you just put it on the wall and crank up the tunes?

Prism 200 system lets you see through walls

Posted in Radar by Conner Flynn on January 27th, 2009

Prism 200 system lets you see through wallsThis cool new ultra wide band radar system was developed by UK based company Cambridge Consultants. Working like a pair of X-ray specs, it will let you see through walls. Sadly, only moving objects can be seen, but it can detect breathing movement and even a beating heart.

Happily, that should include bouncing breasts, you know, should someone be working out on the other side of the wall. I’d hate to miss them just because this system only sees moving objects. The software in Prism 200 allows the user to remotely observe the scene in a 3D view and you can do the usual rotate the room/building to whatever angle you like.