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VTech InnoPad Tablet for kids

Posted in VTech by Conner Flynn on February 11th, 2011

All of the adults have tablets, so obviously kids are going to want one for themselves. VTech is here to help, with the InnoPad. This kid friendly tablet features a 5” color touchscreen LCD, a tilt-sensor for game control, a microphone, a USB port, SD card slot and a headphone jack. It is housed inside of a rugged kid friendly design.

Kids can unlock the interactive and animated reading, educational gaming and creative magic of the InnoPad in different ways since they have a ton of cartridges in the works, or they can download interactive e-books and learning games from VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator. It also has an integrated MP3 player for listening to songs and a video player. Over 100 titles will be available for download by the end of this year.

VTech FLiP animated e-Reader for children

Posted in VTech by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2010

VTech has introduced the world’s first animated e-Reader for kids called the FLiP. The portable device sports a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, built-in dictionary, a QWERTY touch keyboard and is a fun way for kids to learn through stories, watching and learning.

Your kid will be able to learn with their color cartoon character friends, play interactive reading games and view the story dictionary, while pretending that they have a big person gadget.

VTech announces DECT 6.0 walkie-talkie

Posted in VTech by Conner Flynn on January 25th, 2010

Landline phones may be squaresville man, but VTech is still making them at least interesting. You have to give them that. The new LS6325 is the first DECT 6.0 push-to-talk cordless phone on the market. Hurray!

So feel free to go all walkie-talkie from up to 1,500 feet away if you like. A three-handset pack will cost $80 and the four-pack will be $90. They launch in April if you are feeling the urge to upgrade your landline.

VTech Wireless Music Hub shipping now

Posted in VTech by Shane McGlaun on May 14th, 2009

vtechwirelessmucic-sbWhen I want to hear some music I usually just fire up my iPhone and don my earphones or play the music via my PC. Some people prefer streaming music and other entertainment from the Internet via Internet radio stations.

VTech has announced that its new Internet radio hub is now shipping and available for purchase online. The device is called the IS9181 and is called a feature rich Wi-Fi music streaming device intended to be a complete music hub for the home. The device sells for $199.95.

Vtech IS6110 cordless phone with QWERTY keypad & IM

Posted in VTech by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2008

Vtech IS6110 cordless phone with QWERTY keypad & IM
Now, here’s a great way to introduce those, um, older folks to things like IM conversations and the like. You won’t need one of those smartphones the kids are using these days. Now you can do IM conversations via a landline telephone. That’s right, this is the industry’s first instant messaging cordless phone.

Don’t believe me? Just have a look at the full-fledged QWERTY keypad. The phone’s base station just has to be connected via USB to a PC, after which users can have free access to MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. Seriously, this is the best way to ease these old folks into the the modern era. It’ll only cost you $99.95.