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The Victor Multi-Kill: Like sending mice to the electric chair

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2008

The Victor Multi-Kill: Like sending mice to the electric chairThere are plenty of options when it comes to getting rid of mice. There’s the old mousetrap that in all likelihood will snap back on your finger and have you hopping around in pain. There are glues,baits,traps and varmint catchers of every kind. But when you absolutely need to exterminate these little guys with extreme prejudice, there’s this thing. The Victor Multi-Kill trap.

Looks like some modded lunchbox, but what’s inside isn’t your lunch. The Victor uses a high-voltage shock to murder any mouse in its path cold dead in just 3 seconds, then it dumps the carcass into the collection box for disposal. So, it’s kinda like a mouse-mob hit. Quick and behind closed doors. They claim it’s effective enough to get rid of all your mice in a single night. You might thnk this is inhumane, but if they really do die in 3 seconds, there’s very little suffering compared to other traps.