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Apple iGames coming our way?

Posted in Legal by Darrin Olson on February 10th, 2008

Apple filed protection with the USPTO over the Apple trademark as it relates to gamesNow this doesn’t mean that Apple has any real games in the works, but it does certainly look like Apple at least wants to keep the space open for themselves with regards to games using the Apple name. The folks over at Trademork.com caught wind of a filing made last week by Apple to the USPTO to protect the Apple name as it relates to gaming hardware, including hand-held units, video game machines, toys and battery powered computer games, among others.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple head this way with some type of iGames, however. In case you hadn’t noticed, they seem to have made quite a hit with handheld media players, the iPod if I remember correctly, and a certain touch-screen mobile phone seemed to also gain quite a bit of attention lately.

USPTO reveals PSP Phone

Posted in PSP Phone,Sony Ericsson by Darrin Olson on June 3rd, 2007

PSP Phone reveiled by drawing and us patent office websiteA recent patent application filing at the US patent office by Sony Ericsson reveals what looks to be a PSP phone. This does kinda’ make sense since everything is moving toward integrating with a mobile phone lately. Also, it’s been difficult to take a traditional mobile phone and integrate games with it, so why not go the other way around and integrate a phone into an existing mobile game design.

It looks like that’s what Sony Ericsson is up to. The PSP is already designed well as a portable game system with the wide screen layout and buttons on either side. In this case they have pictured a rotating screen which would be key for getting the wide screen for gaming, watching movies, etc. It looks like the potential PSP phone could also be used as …