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Nanotech material never gets wet, even when submerged

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2008

Nanotech material never gets wet, even when submergedNanotechnology strikes again, making technology seem like magic. Chemists from the University of Zurich have developed a new fabric that never gets wet. Never. Not even when completely submerged in water for two months. Nope. Not wet yet. The fabric is made of polyester fibers that are covered in a layer of 40-nanometer-wide silicone nanofilaments.

The nanofilaments are spiky and this causes the water to sit in a sphere above the fabric, while a permanent pocket of air is protected below. Think self-cleaning clothing, or truly spill resistant furniture. Another plus is that it reduces drag in water by 20%. So Michael Phelps better get himself a new swimsuit or be beaten by it.