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New Equinux TubeStick does USB television

Posted in TV Tuner by Nino Marchetti on May 9th, 2008

Equinux TubeStick hybrid

Equinux USA recently introduced a new hybrid USB television tuner hybrid for use in the U.S. market. It is called the TubeStick hybrid and you’ll find it pricing for around $130.

The Equinux TubeStick hybrid houses “two TV receivers – one for digital TV reception and the other for analog. The digital tuner is designed to decode free over-the-air ATSC signals (HDTV and SDTV) and unencrypted cable (Clear QAM) signals. The analog tuner can tune free over-the-air analog signals and with the included breakout cable, users can capture analog signals from a variety of sources including video cameras and game consoles via either S-Video or composite video connections.”

Diamond Multimedia delivers new TV tuner cards

Posted in TV Tuner by Nino Marchetti on January 29th, 2008

Diamond Multimedia TV WonderDiamond Multimedia recently unveiled to the masses a new line of TV tuner cards. Seven models make up this TV Wonder line and they are available now.

Diamond Multimedia said its new TV Wonder cards let you view free-to-air analog and digital cable signals on your computer. The HD 600 series of TV Wonder cards includes a single hybrid tuner and remote control, while the HD 650 Combo come with a dual tuner, FM tuning and remote control. All models work with over-the-air Digital TV/HDTV (ATSC), Clear-QAM Digital HD Cable, and over-the-air/Cable Analog TV (NTSC).