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CB Radios + Bluetooth, looks like we got us a convoy

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2008

CB Radios get Bluetooth
It’s amazing that the CB radio has not already been given the Bluetooth treatment. Well, now there is a Bluetooth-enabled CB radio, so the CB can keep on truckin’. 10-4 good buddy. Cobra Electronics 29 LTD BT CB radio is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing truckers everywhere(and others of course) to receive cell phone calls wirelessly into the CB unit.

It even comes with a noise canceling microphone perfect for truckers. Those trucks aren’t exactly quiet you know. Tactile controls let the driver feel where the dial currently is in its rotation, so the driver no longer has to take his eyes off the road. The 29 LTD BT will be available this summer for $189.95. Until then, I’ll catch ya on the flip side. Keep the bugs off yer glass and the bears off yer tail.