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All Area Shaver for the Sasquatch in you

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on August 17th, 2009

All Area Shaver for the Sasquatch in youDesigner Jonas Buck shows us this All Area shaver concept complete with some images of Ken dolls to show off just which hair on your body stays and which hair goes. If you are a caveman or Bigfoot, you now have one tool for all your hair.

The dots on the ken dolls(not shown) are placed strategically on the bodies at selected areas, representing survey results from 13 students from both genders. The question is this. Where should a male shave? All the typical areas have been dotted, which is why this shaver is called the All Area. Because it’s versatile. Sometimes it will function as a trimmer and with length attachments it can be used on longer hair.

Slim Trim Razor shaves accurately

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on September 28th, 2008

Slim Trim Razor shaves accuratelyThe Slim Trim razor is for those who are so obsessed about getting an accurate shave that they use all manner of tools like calipers, compasses, sextants, slide rules and write all sorts of facts and figures down in a shaving journal. “September 18th. Today I realized that the calculations on my beard were off by a fraction of an centimeter, thereby throwing my soul patch off it’s game. I believe I veered to far off course to the west, but unlike Columbus I did not discover America. I discovered that Chicks don’t seem to like my facial features either way, hair or no hair. Tonight I will course correct and account for shaving cream density, then I will update my calculations. Yours truly, Metrosexual.”

Seriously, first off you’re only gonna cut yourself twice as much with this thing. And being so concerned about an accurate shave that you need to buy this, is putting way too much time and effort into shaving. A true man knows how to rock a shave that will get the ladies without the aid of gadgets. This thing might be good for getting creative in punk rock sorts of ways, but that’s about it.