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Logitech Wireless Keyboard Touch K400

Posted in Logitech by Conner Flynn on July 18th, 2011

Logitech is set to release it’s latest compact wireless keyboard, the Touch K400. This good looking keyboard is powered by 2 AA batteries and features a 2.4GHz radio frequency that will let it work from up to 10 meters.

Other features include a built-in 3.5-inch touchpad, left/right mouse buttons, a tiny USB receiver that can be stowed away on the back of the body and it supports Windows 7, Vista and XP. The Logitech Wireless Keyboard Touch K400 will go on sale on July 29th for 4,480 Yen (or about $57).

BlackBerry Dakota / Montana spotted

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on February 20th, 2011

The BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota/Montana has been sighted and it looks like it is wrapped in a carbon fiber weave. The touchscreen experience is said to be far better than the Torch. To refresh your memory, here are some specs: It runs on OS 6.1, sports a 2.8-inch VGA 640×480 capacitive screen, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, NFC, and a 5MP camera.

This model has only 6.5GB of built in storage, and 512MB of RAM. If you are a RIM fan, you need to seriously check this one out. It looks like RIM is stepping up their game. The compass is being shown off in the image above.

LG Wink touch phone for Generation Z

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on August 2nd, 2010

LG is aiming this one squarely at the young Generation Z mobile consumers in Korea. It’s called the LG Wink Series and it consists of the Wink, Wink Style and Wink 3G. All are full touchscreen display phones, targeting first time touch phone users with more versatile texting functionality, more music options, wider social networking support, and a customizable, user-friendly interface.

The LG Wink fits right into your palm with a 2.4″ display. The LG Wink Style has a 2.8″ LCD display and comes in a range of color options with accents on the front button panel. While the LG Wink 3G delivers quality data transmission and connectivity, making sure you remain connected with friends and family via push e-mail and social networking.

3M monitor detects 20 points at once

Posted in 3M by Conner Flynn on June 14th, 2010

3M, the Post It Note and technology company has recently shown off its 22″ touch-sensitive monitor which is capable of detecting up to 20 points simultaneously. So you can get extremely hands on with this one.

This 3M monitor is the M2256PW, which comes with a projected capacitive touch panel and three capacitive chips for detection purposes, with a response time of no longer than 6ms and a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050 pixels. It should hit the market for $1,500. That’s enterprise markets, not the home user market.

Cleankeys Touch germ-free keyboard

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on February 28th, 2010

Do you type with toilet paper on your fingers because you are afraid of germs on the keyboard? Are you constantly spraying it with disinfectant? Worry no longer. Cleankeys has unveiled the new germ-free computer keyboard with a completely 100% touch sensitive interface. That eliminates all of the nooks and crannies that germs and harmful bacteria like to hide in.

The average keyboard has 3,295 germs per square inch, in case you were wondering. Toilet seats have about 49 germs per square inch. In comparison, the Cleankeys touch sensitive keyboard has just 33 germs per square inch.

Plastic Logic’s Que Capacitive-Touch Ebook Reader

Posted in ebooks by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2009

Plastic Logic's Que Capacitive-Touch Ebook ReaderWe don’t have a ton of details on this one and the official launch won’t happen until January 7 at CES, but Plastic Logic is looking to get into the high end of the e-reader market with its upcoming QUE proReader. The device uses E Ink Vizplex tech in a shatterproof display the size of a regular piece of paper at 8.5 x 11-inches.

It also features 3G wireless capabilities thanks to AT&T and a business-minded ebook store at QUEreader.com to be powered by Barnes & Noble. And yes it has a touchscreen interface, but we aren’t sure if that means the entire display or not. The unit is “less than 1/3-inch thick,” and plays nice with PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, including tools for “interacting with and managing the content,”.

Green Power’s sliding speaker for iPod

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on October 13th, 2009

Green Power's sliding speaker for iPodGreen Power has a new sliding speaker for your iPod. Looks like it actually adds some class to the iPod nano and iPod touch, neither of which have built-in speakers. Think of it as a weak but portable dock, with twin 1.5W speakers.

The device can be charged via a miniUSB port. A full charge should last up to 12 hours for non-stop audio. Comes in your choice of a crystal hard case or half-mirror design. There are also other colors available.


Touch and feel navigation

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on August 3rd, 2009

Touch and feel navigationHere’s a concept that would really help the visually impaired and blind. The Touch & Go navigation system is a combination of a hand gadget and an earpiece that will give you directions as a relief map on its wearable navigator with tactile display.

The scale is 1:1,000 and the center of the display is where the user is currently. An arrow points toward where you should go, while audio through the earphones will speak any other details needed. Pretty interesting take on navigation for the blind.

Creative readying first touch device

Posted in Creative by Conner Flynn on July 7th, 2009

Creative readying first touch deviceAn FCC filing reveals that Creative’s first touchscreen media device will be called the Zii. The name alone implies that it will be powered by the dual-core Zii processor. The filing also shows an “HD camera” logo so it’s likely that this device will have the ability to capture video and playback in High Definition. Whether or not full HD is supported, we have no idea.

There is space on the side for an SD memory card slot as well. There are two versions of the device. The Zii and the Zii Egg. The Zii Egg is for developers.

Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror for your iPod

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2009

Stocco Maitre touch screen mirror for your iPodHere’s a cool concept for your bathroom mirror! Pretty girl not included. The Maitre mirror from Stocco of Italy comes with a touch screen console that includes a built in radio, clock and barometer, hell, even a mirror demister with a sensor.

It can control and playback audio on your iPod. But what’s the advantage to having these controls on a mirror? Well, you can watch yourself and practice for your American Idol audition. Plus, the mirror probably comes with speakers so you can sing in the shower.

Verizon Launches HTC Touch Diamond

Posted in Verizon by Shane McGlaun on April 10th, 2009

htctouchdiamond-sbHTC makes some of the coolest smartphones on the market and is the maker behind the T-Mobile G1 running Android. HTC has all sorts of different smartphones with features like touch screens and other niceties.

HTC’s latest smartphone, the Touch Diamond, will be available starting today with Verizon Wireless through its business sales channels. The handset has a 2.76-inch touch screen display and uses Opera web browser for surfing the net. The device has a 3.2-megapixel camera and offers memory expansion via microSD cards up to 16GB.


Touch-display Coke machine runs Windows

Posted in Windows by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2009

Touch-display Coke machine runs WindowsCoca Cola has more up its sleeve than just high fructose corn syrup and sugar. The company is coming out with a Windows-powered vending machine that will gather more statistics than any other vending machine on the market.

The machine will offer more types of drinks and flavors of Coke and will also keep track of what was sold and when, thus giving Coca-Cola some valuable intel with which to fight the cola wars. The vending machine can also alert the restaurant’s owner, and Coca-Cola, when one of the cartridges is almost empty.

Ewoo eFizz iPod dock

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on February 19th, 2009

Ewoo eFizz iPod dockiPod docks. Are you sick of them? Don’t worry, this one manages to stand out a bit. This Swiss made EWOO eFizz home dock and sound system boasts 70 watts of power and is now shipping in the US.

It boasts great sound and a great look sure, but the really interesting thing about this one is the 2-way radio remote that allows you to control your entire iPod, iPhone or iTouch through the remote. What you see on your iPod, you will also see right on the remotes 1.8″ screen, even cover art.

Acer’s dual-side, dual-cam touch phones

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on February 12th, 2009

Acer’s dual-side, dual-cam touch phonesLooks like Acer’s smartphone strategy at Mobile World Congress will involve at least two handsets. The DX650 would be a unique dual-sided phone with a dedicated number pad and small screen on the back to make calls easier. It will sport a 2.8-inch touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.1 providing full app support on the phone’s front. The DX650 should also have GPS and a camera. 3G over HSPA and Wi-Fi are assumed.

The X960 looks like a more conventional 2.8-inch touchscreen phone and is known to have a fast 533MHz ARM processor and a front-facing camera for video calls to complement a back 3.2-megapixel shooter. It also runs Windows Mobile and carries HSPA-based 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Troll Touch adds touchscreen to Apple’s 24-inch LED display

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2009

Troll Touch adds touchscreen to Apple’s 24-inch LED displayIt may still be a while, with the MacWorld just concluding, before Apple comes out with its own version a touch version for their display, but there is a solution. Troll Touch has announced a touch panel integration kit that converts the 24-inch LED display into a touchscreen.

It’s powered internally via USB. And the custom touchscreen overlay design doesn’t alter the panel’s form factor in any way hankfully. But adding touch functionality is going to touch you in the wallet. Starting from scratch, you can order a touch-enabled version now for $2,299, but those looking to simply upgrade their own can ship it to California with $1,399.

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