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Eatensil Multitool

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on June 12th, 2011

Here’s a tool for people who seriously like to eat. It’s called the Eatensil. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife, but with several utensils instead of tools. This gadget comes from fast food company Just Eat and it will handle everything from Chinese take out to pepperoni pizza.

Just Eat is an online delivery service where customers can place orders for their favorite restaurants. This device is aimed at those who are always eating on the go. Should come in handy if you are rarely home.

Duct Tape Sheets are like giant stickers that hold things together

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2011

Duct tape has saved the world many times and has mended more things than we could possible count. But sometimes it is not ideal for certain jobs, so we need Duct Tape Sheets. With these new sheets from Duck Tape, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

These sheets are just a few centimeters short of bond paper width. They are basically giant stickers that you can play with for all of your odd job needs. They come in bright colors too. Each sheet costs less than $2 and you can get six for just $9. Awesome stuff.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that really works

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2010

We’ve seen many versions of the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, but this one is one of the best because it actually works. It’s an actual screwdriver that you can use to do odd jobs around the house.

Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver is a solid metal die-cast and includes 3 different sized Philips or flat-head tips. Of course it also makes noises and lights up. The Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver will cost you just $39.95.

[Chip Chick]

Bionic Wrench does it all

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2010

We love tools that serve multiple purposes and act as many tools in one. The Bionic Wrench is just that. It solves a number of problems when using adjustable spanners and box-wrenches. It uses six hardened-steel blocks in a circular enclosure that actually become the jaws of the wrench and close down onto the six edges of the bolt no matter the size.

It will tighten on the bolt as you push whether tightening or loosening, making it easy to fit any sized bolt head and handling all sizes in one tool. The Bionic Wrench is available in several different sizes from $19.95.

Pipe Cutter USB Flash Drive

Posted in USB Flash Drives by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2010

Looking for a manly flash drive that you can put in your toolbox? Look no further. It won’t cut pipes, but it will hold your data. This USB flash drive comes in 2, 4 and 8GB capacities.

Great for plumbers and construction workers. And fans of question mark looking flash drives. They could have at least made it capable of cutting real pipe. Oh well.

Hard Drive turned into a bench sander

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2010

DIYers all know about using a Dremmel, but sometimes what you need is a bench sander. Suppose you don’t have one? Well, just use an old hard drive. It turns out they make a pretty handy bench sander. This DIYer opened up an older hard drive, removed the read head, and added a piece of cut sand paper.

Yes, it doesn’t seem like it would do much, but check out the video below. Just hook it up to your bench supply and you’ve got a small sander ready to use.

Cassette Tape Measure for 80s DIY projects

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on October 5th, 2009

Cassette Tape Measure for 80s DIY projectsThis Cassette Tape Measure is pure 80s on the outside and pure measuring tape on the inside. It’s a product that’s funny and useful at the same time. How can you not buy one for $8? It’s labeled “Professional Sound”, while it very unprofessionally exclaims, “Pull me!”. Seems rude.

You can either buy this for $8 or try to make your own. Just make sure that if you do make your own, that you actually put a measuring tape inside. I made one once and forgot to do exactly that. The result was measurements like 1/4 of Night Ranger’s Sister Christian intro or 1/16 of Don’t fear the Reaper. And the tape took forever to wind back inside too.


Dremel unveils new 4000 rotary tool, modders rejoice

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on October 5th, 2009

Dremel unveils new 4000 rotary tool, modders rejoiceIf there is one tool that is the most valuable to modders, it’s the Dremel. It’s small and amazingly versatile and anyone can use it. Without the Dremel, we would not have half the mods that we see here day in and day out. Well, modders will be happy to know that Dremel has announced its latest rotary tool, the Dremel 4000.

The corded rotary tool is the company’s top-of-the-line version and will do all of the usual cutting, carving, engraving, routing, sanding, you name it. It features adjustable speeds from 5,000 to 35,000 rotations per minute. It’s also the only Dremel tool that is compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments. That includes the MultiSaw and Planer attachments for the 400 Series XPR rotary tool. Modders everywhere are smiling.

Joseph Joseph Fold Flat Kitchen Grater

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on October 1st, 2009

Joseph Joseph Fold Flat Kitchen GraterThe grater is an essential kitchen tool. But there are so many essential kitchen tools, that putting them all away and keeping the kitchen neat can be hard. Graters have always been a problem. Their squarish form is great for food prep, but not for storage in the cabinet.

Well, that just changed thanks to this Fold Flat Kitchen Grater from Joseph Joseph. It does what it says and folds flat for easy storage. There’s even a grip handle on the side for grating over food. The Fold Flat Grater features coarse stainless steel blades and is dishwasher safe.

Cap Wrench Bottle Opener

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on September 15th, 2009

Cap Wrench Bottle OpenerWe’ve seen tons of bottle openers around here, but this one is perhaps the manliest way to open a bottle ever. Men know two things. Opening bottles and working with tools. And since I’m a man I like to think I know a little something about both.

Craftsman’s Cap Wrench Bottle Opener is basically a opener that acts as a fulcrum and weighs a solid 0.64 lbs. It’s made from solid steel. If your buddies see you opening a beer with this thing, they are gonna know who the alpha dog is. Right tool for the right job.

Leatherman Freestyle Tool looks deadly, is useful

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2009

Leatherman Freestyle Tool looks deadly, is usefulYou can never have too many tools and what’s great about Leatherman multi-tools is that it puts all of the important ones on your belt. The Leatherman Freestyle ups the design and gives it a more deadly and dangerous look.

You never know when you’re going to need to make like MacGuyver and cut some wires, turn some screws and stab a bad guy. This tool include pliers/wirecutter, a combo Philips/flathead screwdriver, straight blade and a bottle opener/carabineer. The Leatherman Freestyle Tool is pretty light too, so it’s no problem to have it with you at all times.


Survival credit card: Survival tool for tough economic times

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on May 14th, 2009

Survival credit card: Survival tool for tough economic timesA standard credit card is no survival tool. It won’t even cut anyone really. There isn’t much that it can do for you in dire situations. But the Tool Logic Survival Card is actually useful.

It won’t help you shop, but it will offer you some handy tools for survival. It has a magnesium fire starter to start fires, a serrated knife to cut fish or cut an attacker, a signal whistle, tweezers, even a toothpick and an LED flashlight. This thing is awesome if you are stranded on Lost island or are just forced to quit playing WoW and face life.

Hydrokinetic wrench uses the power of liquid

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2009

Hydrokinetic wrench uses the power of liquidThe Hydrokinetic Adjustable wrench lets you work with twenty three different sizes of bolts and nuts. The secret to it’s success with so many sizes lies in the wrench’s liquid core. To adjust the wrench, just open the valve, fit it around the nut or bolt and push the gripper on the opposite end.

This will compress the liquid which will push the gripper on the end. Once it is snug against the nut, close the valve and your wrench is locked in position. The head will let you get into even the tightest spaces and the design of the grip will help you turn damaged nuts and bolts.

Breastlight: Home breast exam tool

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2009

Breastlight: Home breast exam toolIt’s important for a woman to check her breasts regularly. But doing breast exams at home isn’t easy. And I can’t offer my services to everybody. Even if women check their breasts regularly, I’m sure it can be hard to tell if they are doing it correctly.

The Breastlight can help with the home exam, making your breast checks more accurate. It works by shining a bright red beam of light through the breast tissue. The idea is to look for any dark clusters. That’s where blood may be collecting and leading to malignant lumps. If it works as advertised, it should be a huge comfort to women.

The Cherry Chomper is waiting patiently for your finger

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2009

Cherry ChomperThe Cherry chomper supposedly provides a safe, quick and easy way to pit cherries, but this little guy looks entirely too happy about his job. Like he’s waiting to take a bite out of your finger. A “plunger design action pushes pit and residual juice into the bottom container”.

This little guy has chomped more cherries than Fabio after a book/I can’t believe it’s not butter signing. Yeah, it says the protective ‘tooth’ ensures that hands and fingers stay safely out of the way, but I’m not buying it, because teeth can fall out.

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