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Diesel 5-face watch for travelers

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on September 1st, 2008

Diesel 5-face watch for travelersFrequent travelers will likely appreciate this 5-face watch from Diesel, but to me it just looks like a lot of work. It sports five faces to handle different time zones, hence the name. You’ll have the time for LA, NY, London, Paris, and Tokyo, so anytime you visit those places you’ll have the time.

The only problem with this watch is that you might actually want to go somewhere else and know the time. In that event Diesel also has a smaller watch of the same type that lets you memorize which face corresponds to which place, instead of having them labeled. With five watch faces, another concern would be that each face must be really small or the whole watch too large. It will cost you $550 for the larger silver watch or $495 for the smaller unlabeled watch.