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Apple files Patent for Digital Concert and Events tickets

Posted in patents by Conner Flynn on April 18th, 2010

Details have come to light regarding a new Apple patent which could see the iPhone and iPod Touch used as digital tickets for concerts and events. The patent was filed in September 2008 and reveals that the system would use near field communications technology. Your iPhone or iPod would be simply swiped allowing you to enter the concert or event.

Rumor is that if you like the show and are a female, you can also use your iPhone to digitally throw a pair of panties not onstage, but from your iPhone to the band’s iPhone. Okay, I made that part up, but it certainly opens up some interesting possibilities.

Red Light Camera Detector could save you from tickets

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on October 11th, 2009

Red Light Camera Detector could save you from ticketsThis device may have the look of a child’s toy, but it can come in very handy. At any given intersection it will let you know if its being monitored by a red light camera or a speed trap. Like I said, very handy. The 1.6″ OLED display shows your car’s current location and alerts you to presence of a red light camera based upon an internal database of 6,000 red light and speed camera locations.

It will notify you using either audio or visual alerts. The database can even be updated by connecting it to your computer and downloading them for free for a year. After that it’s $19.95 per month.

French public transport using USB drives as tickets

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on August 28th, 2008

French public transport using USB drives as ticketsWhen you think about the French, chances are you think comedy involving mimes and baguettes dancing with their comedy god Jerry Lewis. Is that just me? Alright then. The French are doing something interesting with USB and trains. A kind of wireless easy-pass for trains. French public transportation company SNCF is getting 1,000 customers to help it test an RFID-enabled smart card that doubles as a USB drive, known as the Weneo ID Smart.

SNCF wants to expand its contactless payment system, and the plan would allow customers to plug their train passes into their PC at home. Which makes sense, because at home they can add money to their account, avoid missing trains because the train is pulling away as they rush to put money onto a card, and it probably helps with crowds as well. Schedules can also be downloaded to the card and it’s a photo ID. Once on the train, the fare would be deducted from the card by an RFID reader or an attendant with a handheld device. They’ll have to see if it’s a success first, but if so, the SNCF may want everyone using the system by 2010.