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AOC Aire Black LED Monitor is thin and cheap

Posted in monitors by Reuben Drake on February 24th, 2011

AOC offers all kinds of lower priced TVs and displays and now their latest has surfaced. It’s called the AireLED Series. One of the more noteworthy features of these new LED displays is the fact that they are very thin at just 12.7mm thick.

The screens come in 20-inch (e2043Fk, $129), 22-inch (e2243Fwk, $149) and 23-inch (e2343Fk, $179) versions and will be available online and in stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack. All of the monitors share the same features which are 50M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 5MS response time, and DVI-D with HDCP.

Samsung 9 Series laptop unveiled

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2011

Samsung has unveiled their new 13.3-inch 9 Series laptop, which is said to be the “thinnest and lightest 13-inch notebook available.” The duralumin machine weighs just 2.89 pounds and measures .68 inches thick. The 13-inch MacBook Air, it’s competitor, measures 0.11 to 0.68 inches thick and weighs 2.9 pounds.

Samsung has jammed some power into that thin build. There’s no optical drive, but it does have Ethernet, HDMI, and USB ports and a headphone jack. Inside you’ll find a brand new Core i5 2537M processor, 128GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM.

Sharp BD-HP90S 3D Blu-ray Player is skinny

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2010

Sharp is all set to release a new feature-rich 3D Blu-ray player in November, called the Sharp BD-HP90S. This slim Blu-ray player can play 2D or 3D Blu-ray discs and packs in Wi-Fi to grab BD-Live content from the web without wires. There is also a USB port that allows media playback from external drives.

LED indicators let you know if you are watching movies in 3D, or Aquos “Pure Mode” for enhanced images. The Sharp BD-HP90S 3D Blu-ray player is priced at £379.99 or about $584.

LG 31-inch OLED TV

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2010

LG’s 31-inch OLED TV has been showing off at IFA 2010. It measures just 2.9mm thin, which is pretty amazing. But that thinness comes at a price.How about £6,000? It is coming in March of next year.

Some features include Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a contrast ratio that allows it to be viewed from nearly any angle. If you like them thin, then it is money well spent. Everything else in your home will look huge in comparison.

Acer announces Slim S1 monitors

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on July 18th, 2010

Acer has announced its new S1 Series LCD displays, which are extremely thin and eco-friendly. Available display sizes range from 18.5-inch to 23-inches and just 13mm-15mm thin. That’s so thin, you’ll want to feed it. You can expect low environmental impact, thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials and low power consumption.

These displays offer VGA and DVI ports with HDCP encryption, an HDMI port (on the 21 and 23-inch models), a 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and full HD resolution.

Amazon Kindle to slim down in August?

Posted in kindle by Conner Flynn on May 29th, 2010

Well, we might not see the Kindle in color anytime soon, but Amazon seems intent on trimming down the Kindle’s fat. Bloomberg has word that the company will introduce a thinner version of its e-book reader in August. But it isn’t just the device’s thickness.

They will also enhance the screen sharpness and responsiveness. We aren’t sure yet if this will apply to current models or be a whole new reading beast. Hopefully the price will be competitive.

Hungry Batteries concept get thin as they get drained

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on May 21st, 2010

This interesting concept will let you know visually when your batteries are low. Designer Mac Funamizu came up with the Hungry Batteries concept that has the batteries physically slim down more as they hold less charge.

Great idea, but it’s cheaper to just include one of those strips that can tell how much juice is left. If our gadgets also shrank, this would be great. No idea what they are made of or how long they would last.


Asus RT-N56U router is looking thin

Posted in ASUS by Conner Flynn on March 4th, 2010

Well look at this sexy and apparently uber-thin router from Asus. It looks like a prop from a Sci-Fi flick. Sadly we don’t have many details on the RT-N56U, but we can tell you that it was announced at CeBIT this week.

Other than that we know that it has dual band support with the 5GHz band being used, it’s compatible with printers and scanners, and is very fast with 300,000 concurrent sessions available. Feel free to stare. That’s what we’ve been doing.

Saitek Slim Keyboard

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on March 1st, 2010

Saitek’s latest Slim Keyboard is available for both Mac and PC and both feature a slim profile along with chiclet style keys. If this pink one doesn’t suit you, there are a wide range of colors to choose from: It comes in black, metallic red, metallic blue, aubergine, olive green and pink.

Number crunchers need not worry. This keyboard may be slim, but it’s wide enough to include a numeric keypad. Nothing on price yet, but you’ll want to start deciding which color best suits your Mac.

Inbrics M1 is a super-thin Android slider

Posted in Android by Conner Flynn on January 10th, 2010

We don’t normally see many Android devices in slider form, the Motorola Droid aside, but the Inbrics M1 is another and it’s extremely thin for a slider. The features are pretty decent as well. It boasts a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 3-megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera, an 800MHz processor, 16GB of built-in storage, microSD card slot, and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Not too shabby at all. It runs Android 1.5 for now, but by the time it hits in March 2010, Android 2.0 should be onboard. Nothing on carrier or price yet, but you will know when we do.

Samsung Needle Slim LED TV

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on October 26th, 2009

Samsung Needle Slim LED TVLike a young gal with a modeling contract, LED TVs just keep getting unhealthily thinner. It won’t be long before TVs are little more than sheets of paper on our walls. The Samsung Needle Slim model is a 40″ full HD LED backlight TV that measures just 3mm thick.

That’s pretty impressive when you consider that this 120Hz LCD panel has a 5,000:1 contrast ratio as well. It isn’t available to the masses just yet, but maybe Samsung will roll it out sometime soon.


JVC SP-FT 31mm thin home theater speaker system

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 14th, 2009

JVC SP-FT 31mm thin home theater speaker systemThe problem with super thin HDTVs is that your bulky speakers tend to stand out like a sore thumb. Well, JVC has the cure with the above pair of 31mm thin speaker satellites. The SP-FT1 comes in black and the SP-FT2 in white with the AX-FT amplifier in the middle.

The amp delivers 80W of total output over 4 independent channels, and supports Dolby Digital, DTS and AAC formats. Expect to pay around ¥24,000 (or $267) for the amp and ¥20,000 (or $223) for the speakers when the black versions hit Japan later this month. The white ones will be available in November.

Dell Adamo XPS laptop continues to tease

Posted in Dell by Conner Flynn on October 13th, 2009

Adamo XPSJust look at that sexy laptop. You can practically floss with that thing. Dell’s latest tease of its amazingly thin Adamo XPS notebook has us all drooling. It shows the unusual way in which the laptop unfolds and we have to admit, we like it. A lot.

The Adamo XPS is just 9.99mm-thick and you really can’t get any thinner. Not using today’s technology. It really looks well engineered with that offset hinge, which unfolds the keyboard from the back of the screen, apparently allowing it to stand on its own. We can’t wait to see more.

Dell Adamo XPS revealed, looks razor thin

Posted in Dell by Conner Flynn on October 7th, 2009

Dell Adamo XPS revealed, looks razor thinIn the market for a super-duper crazy thin laptop that will likely cut your flesh? It has arrived in the form of the Dell Adamo XPS. Dell just revealed this thing today. Sadly they did little more than wave it around and put it away so we don’t have any specs.

Looks like it unfolds in a new way though and it makes even a MacBook Air look fat. We should get some specs soon and when we do, we’ll let you know.

Microsoft’s new keyboard is thin, sexy

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2009

Microsoft’s new keyboard is thin, sexyIt’s hard to make a keyboard sexy. I mean, it is what it is, and it has to be comfortable and not injure you terribly bad, while maintaining a size that’s also comfortable. So, we really have to give props to Microsoft on this one.

The new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is sexy, curvy and just plain looks pleasant. It even has a sexy little numpad that’s like a sidecar. The keyboard is thin enough to slip into a manila envelope. It’s as thick as a AAA battery at the back, thinner than that in front.