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Exploding bike lock keeps your ride safe

Posted in Security by Conner Flynn on November 5th, 2008

Exploding bike lock keeps your ride safeBike theft is always going on, especially in big cities. And it really sucks to have your bike stolen and have to walk home. Chances are they can’t even catch the thief, because your bike is so similar to everyone else’s and he’s long gone. These problems are now solved thanks to the exploding bike lock. The exploding bike lock…explodes.

If a thief tries to cut it, bang! It goes off. It sprays permanent dye everywhere when it’s cut, so the thief is covered and thereby easily identified. Chances are he’ll leave the bike and he will also be identifiable. I personally think that it would be an added bonus if it smelled like, say, urine. Serves him right. It’s called Karma punk!