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Advancements in Multispectral Imaging Reveal New Texts

Posted in Science by Olivia Olson on August 5th, 2015

multispecteral cropped
NBC News released an article about recent developments in multispectral imaging. Many scientists are working frantically to use this technology to reveal hidden texts, that within a few years could have easily been lost forever. It has already been used to uncover poems written by William Faulkner and maps potentially used by Columbus. This method has the potential to uncover many other pieces of music, Biblical gospels, and so many other writings that haven’t been read for centuries.

Multispectral images are used to capture images and data at different frequencies across a spectrum. It uses different frequencies to reveal different forms of ink and materials. So when images are processed using this method, it reveals the writing that was previously thought to have been destroyed or damaged beyond legibility.
The NBC article states “The problem is that so few people are skilled …

Seagate has new storage tech coming to ASUS ROG G73Jh laptop

Posted in ASUS by Conner Flynn on May 20th, 2010

What do we have here? Seagate calls it a “device that becomes you, so you become faster.” A “game-changing” device that will boost system performance by a whopping 150 percent. We are gonna go out on a limb here and say that since ASUS’ ROG G73Jh gaming laptop will be first to use it, it must be a new kind of SSD.

The mystery device will be 20 percent quicker than a 600GB 10,000rpm SATA drive, 80 percent faster than a conventional 7200rpm HDD and able to boot “within six seconds of an SSD drive.” It will learn about the user to dramatically decrease disk time, boot time, and application load time, making everything faster.

Motherboard Coasters

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on March 24th, 2010

Everyone needs to use coasters for their drink. It’s just the right thing to do. And these motherboard coasters are the perfect geek way to protect furniture from your Mountain Dew or Red Bull. Made from recycled electronic motherboards(obviously).

Get on board. A set of six will cost you just 12.99. No one likes messy furniture and every geek loves to look at motherboards.

Steel ‘velcro’ can handle 35 tons and up to 800 degrees celsius heat

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 6th, 2009

Steel 'velcro'And you thought that the velcro on your jacket was impressive. These Velcro fasteners were made by German engineers and can withstand 35 tons of force. Needless to say, these aren’t for your clothes. One side has spikes and the other has steel brushes, so it’s just like real velcro. It can also withstand heat of up to 800 degrees Celsius.

And if you tear these Velcro strips vertically, where it’s stronger, it can hold up to 7 tons. We aren’t sure how much of this stuff it actually takes to support that much weight, but it’s pretty amazing anyway. Especially when you consider that just like everyday Velcro, it can be opened up without specialized tools and used again.

Cardboard gadgets make everything disposable

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2009

Cardboard gadgets make everything disposableWhen you really start to think about the sheer number of gadgets in the world, it’s amazing they aren’t littering the streets and roadways like cold tech corpses. After all, we keep buying them and them throwing them out to buy another.

But we aren’t here to preach. We’re just impressed by this beautiful reminder of our consumerism in the form of sculpted cardboard gadgets. These are works of art really. They are from British designer Kyle Bean and they are really nicely detailed.

Xbox 360 motion-sensing tech really ZCam’s system?

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on May 5th, 2009

Xbox 360 motion-sensing tech really ZCam's system?The other day we told you about the rumors about Microsoft’s Wii-killing, motion-sensing Xbox 360 add-on set to debut at E3. Well, now Ars Technica thinks they’ve played with it a full year ago. Ars thinks that the new Xbox 360 motion sensing system is based on the ZCam 3D camera, made by a company that was later purchased by Microsoft.

If true, it sounds good. Ars was impressed with the tech when they got a hands-on with it back in January of 2008. And Microsoft has had a long time to work with it, so chances are it’s even better now. It makes sense to us, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s what when E3 arrives next month.

Clearwire preps portable WiMax/Wi-Fi router

Posted in Routers by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2009

Clearwire preps portable WiMax/Wi-Fi routerAccording to Sidecut Reports, Clearwire will soon unveil a portable WiMAX / WiFi router built by Cradlepoint. The prototype is pictured above. It will use a Motorola WiMAX USB stick to enable WiFi-capable devices to surf on the ultra fast WiMAX.

What this means is that non-WiMAX handsets that have WiFi modules can get into the WiMAX network using this pocket sized device. There’s no word yet on when it will ship. Also no word on price. This might be the way to go to replace that expensive cable modem at home.


Greenpeace’s Green Scorecard

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on November 25th, 2008

Greenpeace’s Green ScorecardIt’s that time again. Greenpeace has released their new Guide to Greener Electronics. Compared to last year, there are many changes. Some you might expect, some you may not have foreseen.

Some manufacturers went up on the scale, while others went down. Nokia is the standout at the top, right at the 7 out of 10 mark, but poor Nintendo… The Big N is once again stuck at 1 out of 10. How did Apple fare? They fail once again and drop to the 14th position out of 18 companies.

CNN pulls off hologram trickery, without an R2 unit

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on November 4th, 2008

CNN’s pulls off hologram trickery, without an R2 unitIf you’ve been following the election coverage, you know by now that CNN played their hologram card. Jessica Yellin appeared Live from Chicago via hologram and talked with Wolf Blitzer. She shimmered slightly around the edges, and I can’t even tell you what she was saying because my nerd brain just kept repeating, “Help me Wolf Blitzer, you are my only hope.”

The technology was as creepy as we’ve always imagined and happening in the middle of vote counts, seemed totally weird and un-necessary. I believe they said that they used something like 44 HD cameras in a ring to get her every movement, all communicating with the studio cameras as well. Hey, if we’re gonna have holograms on election night, it’s better her then a grinning Emperor Palpatine.

Immersion Scarf: When you absolutely, positively need to look like an idiot

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on November 2nd, 2008

Immersion Scarf: When you absolutely, positively need to look like an idiotThe Immersion scarf will instantly make you look like Snuffleupagus, wearing what amounts to a long erect snout on your face. The idea is that you will always be able to see those important text messages, even in direct bright sunlight. You could probably also play your PSP, or watch the iPod videos too.

Just understand that the humanity around you will be thoroughly creeped the hell out. Seeing one or two of these snout creatures on a park bench would freak me out and make me run home, where I would try to figure out if I was really in some tripped out David Lynch movie or not.

Vote for the ‘Brick in 2008

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 15th, 2008

Vote for the ‘Brick in 2008Looks like the folks over at Electronics Weekly have launched a search for the best Electronics blogs, with their first ever Electronics Blog Awards and they were kind enough to mention us by name. Now normally we don’t pay much attention to politics. For instance we won’t ask you to Rock The Vote, and we don’t care if you vote for the young hip guy whose face adorns the DS above or the old guy trying so hard to be hip with his corded phone. But when it comes to tech and assorted geekery, we want your vote.

So if you’re a fan of the ‘Brick just hit the link below and follow the instructions to get us nominated. We can’t say we stand for change and we have no Moose-shooting VP, we just really really love gadgets!


Ants now invading scanners, laptops may be next

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on August 3rd, 2008

Many of us go to extreme measures in order to keep pests out of our homes. Normally they’ll head straight for any crumbs that you’ve left on your floor or just blindly enter your dwelling as if for no apparent reason. They are easy enough to take care of. Start stomping or call in the verminators. But what do you do when insects start invading your tech?

One couple started noticing ants on their computer desk. They couldn’t quite figure out where they were coming from. There didn’t seem to be a problem anywhere else nearby. As you can see in the video, the work area is very clean. So the wife discovers that the printer isn’t working. The guy checks it out and finds that a small invading ant army had taken up residence in the scanner area. Pretty weird and makes you wonder where else they are that you don’t know about.

Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator: Original GPS

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on May 7th, 2008

Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator: Original GPS
In the days before satellites frantically transmitted data to GPS receivers, there was at least one similar device making the rounds in London during the 20s. The Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator had put maps squarely onto users’ wrists. It works the way it appears, basically using rolled up paper maps that show the route of a particular area.

The driver just had to turn the two knobs, which turn the rollers, thereby moving the paper maps. This Wristlet can actually store about twenty maps making it a pretty comprehensive navigation tool…For the time. To see the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator, you can check it out at the National Trust House where it is on display until June 1st.