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Tatooine Sand Wristwatch

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on July 6th, 2011

Star Wars fans will love this Tatooine watch almost as much as they love the planet. Back in the old days, movies were more authentic and had more style since you had to build highly detailed props instead of using green screen. Scenes had depth and character. As you might remember Lucas traveled to Tunisia, where he built the Lars homestead, which still stands in the same spot all these years later.

But the forces of nature have not been kind. It needs help. That’s why some fans have banded together to save it, through Kickstarter. They have already reached their goal, but the more help they get, the better. If you pledge $77 you’ll receive an official Lars Expedition Wristwatch, which will contain sand from the location. That makes this a kind of Holy Star Wars relic.

Outdoor grill unfolds, looks at home on Tatooine

Posted in Grilling by Conner Flynn on December 3rd, 2008

Elite outdoor grill unfolds, looks at home on TatooineCheck this awesome grill out. If you liked the iQue grill, you’ll like this one. Hampton Grills has pulled out all the stops with this grill that resembles a moisture evaporator on the planet Tatooine. It unfolds into three separate grilling stations, each with their own individual temperature controls.

You can do it all with this one whether you grill, steam, smoke or grill, rotisserie, stir fri etc. It all can be done on this one grill. The whole unit folds up at the push of a button, which is pretty damn spiffy. The grill also features nearly 1200 square inches of primary cooking space on three independent grill stations. It will cost you though. The Hampton Grill is priced at $4,000.