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Tainell T500 MID with Intel Atom CPU

Posted in MID by Conner Flynn on August 11th, 2009

Tainell T500 MID with Intel Atom CPUChinese gadget maker Tainell has launched a brand spanking new Atom-powered MID dubbed the Tainell T500. The Windows XP-powered device sports a 5-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen display with a 1.1GHz Intel Atom Z510 processor.

Some other interesting features include: 1GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G WWAN connectivity and an HDMI port. How about a 32GB SSD and a VGA webcam? Unfortunately we don’t have any info on pricing just yet. Anyway, we don’t expect to see this one outside of China anytime soon.