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Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition goes 3D

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on January 12th, 2011

Want proof that 3D has jumped the shark? Are we still saying that? Whatever. Look, supermodels in bikinis are fine just how they are. There’s no need to add 3D. Even if they were naked, 3D would not improve it. But Sports Illustrated thinks it is a good idea.(or they actually know better, but are going to embrace the trend to sell issues)

SI plans to sell and rent special 3D video content that ties in with its annual swimsuit issue. The content will be available to customers who have new Sony Bravia HDTVs that are 3D-capable, and a PS3 or qualified Blu-ray player running Qriocity’s rental service. You could buy it for $8, or rent it for $5. Or just choose not to be a sucker.