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ezGear unveils a Traveling Surge Protector

Posted in Power Strips by Conner Flynn on February 28th, 2010

With airlines charging you for everything, traveling can be a real hassle. You don’t want to take any additional luggage that you don’t have to. You’ll want to pack the ezGear Surge2Go portable power strip though, as it gives you three outlets with enough space between each for larger plugs.

It also has a built-in surge protector that shields your devices from power surges. An LED indicator lets you know that everything is working as it should.

Solar powered Surge iPod Touch charger

Posted in iPod Touch by Conner Flynn on September 9th, 2009

Solar powered Surge iPod Touch RechargerSolar power has come a long way. They used to be something you only saw on hippie communes and Sci-fi movies. Solar panels are on everything now, especially our charging gadgets. The latest to sport a solar panel is the Surge iPod Touch charger, which allows you to recharge your iPod Touch anywhere, as long as you have sunlight.

The case features a 3.7 V lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the sun or by USB should it be cloudy. It comes in a bunch of colors. We aren’t sure if they have chargers for the other iPods, but at least your Touch is covered.

Nokia’s Surge gets official on AT&T

Posted in Nokia by Conner Flynn on July 13th, 2009

Nokia's Surge gets official on AT&TWe’ve been waiting for Nokia’s Surge for months and AT&T has finally made it official. The Symbian S60-based smartphone is aimed at social media enthusiasts and features a full QWERTY keyboard, a browser with Flash support, and the pre-installed JuiceCaster app for easily updating your Facebook / Twitter status.

You’re sure to love the price too. Just $79.99 after rebate. It also boosts a 2 megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator, and AT&T Video Share. Social butterflies can get in on the action on July 19th.

Belkin travel powerstrip: surge protection, USB charging

Posted in Belkin by Conner Flynn on March 10th, 2008

Belkin travel powerstrip
Turns out that the power strip isn’t all played out after all, and can still surprise us. Take this Belkin Mini Surge Protector for instance. It has three grounded three-prong power outlets and two USB ports, and plugs directly into the wall socket, so there’s no dangling cord. A green LED lets you know that the connected devices are safe from surges. Belkin even backs it up with a $75,000 warranty.

Belkin even throws in a mini-USB cable, which will work with many brands of cellphones. It is supposed to be priced under $25, so this is truly a worthwhile purchase when it becomes available at the end of April.