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Obama supporters get USB bracelets

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on September 25th, 2008

Obama supporters get USB braceletsOut of the two presidential candidates, which is more likely to be hip and use tech to his advantage? Well, the young hip guy apparently. If you are an Obama supporter and want to show the world who your choice for president is, you’ll want the Obama 08 bracelet. The bracelet is the stretchy plastic kind that you’ve seen used for different causes, but this one has a USB plug and video, music, photos, speeches and more stored on it’s flash drive inside the bracelet.

It’s compatible with Mac and Windows PCs and is available for $25. The proceeds go into funding the Obama presidential campaign. Promo video below. In the interest of giving both candidates equal time, I was going to mention something interesting that McCain did with technology. I just can’t think of any.