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Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B – Save 100 Pages of Text in a Pen

Posted in Bluetooth,Nokia,Pens by Chris Weber on January 14th, 2007

Have you tried tablet PC’s but found that writing on one isn’t so enjoyable? Do you like writing notes but wish there was a nice way to transfer them to a digital format? Well your problems are solved.

Nokia’s Digital Pen SU-1B (couldn’t their marketing come up with something better?) is an an ink pen that remembers what it writes. In fact its memory is so good it can remember up to 100 A5 sized pages. A5 is the typical size of American notebook paper used in schools.

The pen is compatible with both phones, via Bluetooth and PC’s, via USB. To use the pen with a phone it must be “paired” to that phone. Once this is done you can send text to your phone.

The pen comes with B7 and A5 sized digital paper. The paper is included with the package but when you run out you must get more at …