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Stimuli 3.0 Lamp may be the work of aliens

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on September 4th, 2008

Stimuli 3.0 Lamp may be the work of aliensLook at this lamp. It wins you over just by doing nothing. Could be the work of an alien civilization and in all likelihood it powers a starship somewhere in a far off nebula. I would buy it in a heartbeat to give my place that Sci-Fi feel. Looks aside, the spherical shape and panels have a function, they adjust the lamp’s light levels to correspond with what’s coming in through your windows.

An internal 3 axis gearbox moves the panels and keeps your home at a constant light level even as the sun goes down. Pretty neat. But will it enhance my life by making me feel like I’m an important Sci-Fi adventurer? Will it wow my guests so that they think I’m an undercover alien? Yes and yes. Those are really the only questions to ask when considering a new lamp.