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The Shining Cuckoo Clock

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on March 14th, 2010

Cuckoo clocks are fun and amusing. At least they used to be. Not anymore. Not with this Cuckoo clock. This clock is all about the creepiness. It’s a miniature diorama of the “Heeere’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining. No little Cuckoo bird here, though.

Instead you get Jack Nicholson breaking through the door saying “Heeere’s Johnny!”. Shelly Duvall is also there, with a bad case of buttaface, letting out a scream. This happens every hour until you never want to see the movie again.

Stephen King’s “N.” short story becomes cell phone serial

Posted in Handheld Entertainment by Shane McGlaun on July 25th, 2008

Stephen King’s “N.”If you like to read you have probably read something by Stephen King. King is one of the all-time bestselling authors and his work has been seen in virtually all possible display mediums. Theatrical films have been made by the dozens based on his work, his stories have appeared in magazines, and TV shows have been built around his work.

King is branching out and bringing a new, original and previously unpublished short story to a new medium. The story is called “N.” and will be offered to viewers on mobile phones and via the Internet. Bringing “N.” to the small screen required a partnership between Scribner, Simon & Schuster Digital, Marvel Entertainment, and CBS Mobile.

“The Shining” starring Tribot & 2 Femisapiens

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on July 23rd, 2008

Check out this spoof of The Shining with Tribot as Danny and 2 Femisapiens as the twin girls. It’s great for a hearty geek laugh. After seeing this mini movie, I firmly believe that we should be re-creating all sorts of classic movies with robots. All the time. Toy robots. Go on, you know you want to click it.