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StealthVue PennyCam: Take a penny, get caught on camera

Posted in Spy Gear by Conner Flynn on June 23rd, 2008

StealthVue PennyCam: Take a penny, get caught on cameraThe PennyCam from StealthVue is a hidden camera that captures upwardly-angled pictures. It’s best used on the counter of a corner store, snapping a clear identifiable photo of the person’s face. The cam is in a Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny tray, and is connected to a DVR with a standard BNC cable that is below the counter.

It’s powered by a 12V adapter, and will capture images in 500 x 582 resolution thanks to the 0.33″ Sony CCD image sensor. The StealthVue PennyCam will cost you $199. Once you have it, you can confront them with the evidence. “You took a penny, but never left a penny.” “No I didn’t” Then show them the proof. You’ll never again have to be taken advantage of by penny tray abusers.