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Stardust Multimedia Table with dual touchscreens

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on October 7th, 2009

Stardust Multimedia Table with dual touchscreensHey look what just appeared from the future. Treecycled Furniture has unveiled the Stardust Multimedia Table which sports a few 15″ touchscreen LCD monitors from BenQ. It’s the kind of table that would be perfect on any Cylon starship.

The multimedia table also features an Accoustics amplifier and Fostex speakers, along with RGB LEDs in the middle section on top and on the legs. Like what you see? Me too, but it will forever remain in my future and never in my now due to the $14,726 price tag.

Elements Stardust Radio with Swarovski bling

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on September 17th, 2008

Elements Stardust Radio with Swarovski blingThere’s no shortage of devices sprinkled with Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately, most are so smothered with bling that they just look tacky. The Elements Stardust Radio is actually done up right, with just the right ratio of bling and device. It actually looks nice.

It’s a Sonoro musical player that has been covered with 3,900 Swarovski crystals in a white floral pattern against a background of black crystals. It features 10 preset AM/FM stations, iPod/notebook/PMP compatibility as well as an integrated alarm clock. Hopefully we can close the “Crap me up with Swarovski” chapter on this high note, but somehow I doubt it.