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Use your Nintendo DSi to hunt ghosts

Posted in Nintendo DSi by Conner Flynn on May 25th, 2009

Use your Nintendo DSi to hunt ghostsSweden-based development studio A Different Game has apparently been watching too many Ghost Hunters episodes. I thought everyone knew that show was fake by now. They pull the same scams every week. Anyway, looks like the company is preparing Ghostwire, which is a game that uses your Nintendo DSi to hunt down spirits in real life.

No, I’m serious. You too can be a ghostbuster using the Nintendo DSi’s camera, microphone, and touch-screen. The idea is that players will locate ghosts in real-world places and figure out what those ghosts need to be at peace.

K2 EMF meter makes ghostbusting a breeze

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on May 25th, 2008

K2 EMF meter makes ghostbusting a breeze
If ghostbusting is your thing, you’ll want to check out this K2 EMF meter before you get slimed. EMF (electromagnetic field) energy is similar to what is emitted by your gadgets. The device is simple and portable and will have you catching ghosts so easily that you’ll hear them cursing you out when you review your audio recorder for EVP(Electronic voice phenomenon).

The device has 5 LEDs for different levels of EMF. It even knows the difference between EMF emitted by you and your gadgets and by paranormal spookery. EMF from gadgets will light up the LEDs and remain steady. Paranormal activity makes the meter spike since spooks emit a pulsating EMF energy. An otherworldly specter will cause all 5 LEDs to light up and flash. I can attest to this, since I have one and it did the exact same thing when my mother-in-law came over.