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Steampunk Mouse made with real mouse parts

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on December 9th, 2008

Steampunk Mouse made with real mouse partsDaniel Pon loves Steampunk. So when it came time to make a steampunk mouse to go with his Steampunk keyboard and monitor, he went a little crazy with the design. The end result? Pretty damn cool. And maybe a bit morbid.

The Paradox Mouse is a great steampunk mod with typical brass, bolts, gears, wood, etc. A great neo-Victorian peripheral. But it has a few extra features that Daniel calls “ironic”. These features are a real mouse skull, shoulder blades and spine, all lovingly worked into the project. The skull sits on the front of the mouse, the shoulder blades as miniature cattle catchers, and the spine as the palmrest.

iPosture helps you stand up straight, without books on your head

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on August 18th, 2008

Posture helps you stand up straight, without books on your head
It used to be that when you wanted to improve your posture, you would put a large hardbound book on your cranium and practice walking with it. Just one of the many things I learned from old TV shows. Thank you magic moving picture box. Your parents can do the same thing by telling you to stand up straight, but you may not live with them any longer and need some reminding before you turn into Quasimodo.

The iPosture is a small device that can be clipped onto clothing or stuck to the skin. When it senses that you aren’t sitting or standing with a straight back, it wll nag you through vibration until you straighten up. After a while, proper posture should be second nature to you.