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Vornado TVH 600 Space Heater with touchscreen

Posted in Heaters by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2008

Vornado TVH 600 Space Heater with touchscreenIt’s getting freakin’ cold in my part of the world. That means it’s that time of year where we become dependent on space heaters. Chances are you are used to buying the cheap ones that break every year. Well, the Vorando TVH 600 looks like a very decent space heater.

The TVH 600 stands out with it’s touchscreen on top. Hell. everything else has a touchscreen, why not your heater right? If that doesn’t make it stand out enough for ya, it also has it’s own remote. With the remote, you can adjust the temperature of the heater, and it will work like a thermostat. That means that the TVH 600 will heat the room as it detects the temperature going down.