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Blu Offers Social Networking Device for Smokers

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on May 11th, 2011

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that social networking is all the rage. It’s everywhere and on every device. And now electronic cigarettes are getting into the action.

Electronic cigarette maker Blu, you know those smokes that emit vapor instead of smoke, have a new way to join social networking and smoking. Now, Blu has a way for Blu cigarette smokers to gather with other Blu cigarette smokers.

Electronic Pipe is elementary my dear Watson

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2009

Electronic Pipe is elementary my dear Watsone-cigarettes seem pretty fashionable these days. I guess it beats being hooked up to an iron lung machine. Despite the fact that some people have a huge problem with smoking, it’s a part of our culture. We even covered a phone that looks like a carton of smokes awhile back.

Riding the wave of e-cigarettes is this electronic pipe. The Electronic Pipe will give you the taste and feel of smoking on a pipe while looking like you are solving crimes in the 19th century. You just won’t get all the negative effects of nicotine. It will give you a nice a orange glow and even a puff of fake smoke to complete the illusion.

Carton of smokes custom phone

Posted in Telephones by Conner Flynn on June 9th, 2008

Carton of smokes custom phone
Smoke em if you’ve got em boys. Yet another custom phone. This time, they’ve combined the phone with a carton of smokes. That way it will make more sense when you eventually dial 911 to talk about your breathing problems. Daddy go out for a carton of smokes and never come back? Daddy may be gone, but his memory will remain with this phone.