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SmartSwim UV Intensity Bikini: Skin protection looks hot

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on October 1st, 2008

SmartSwim UV Intensity BikiniThe UV Intensity Bikini obviously looks just as awesome as any other bikini on a smoking body. But aside from that, it sports some beads that act as UV level indicators that’ll tell you when it’s ok to get more sun or when you’ve had enough. They turn a darker purple as they’re exposed to more UV rays.

It’s a great way to protect against UV rays and avoid skin cancer, while at the same time giving guys like me some eye-candy. It costs about $99, which is just a wee bit more expensive then your average bikini. I would like to volunteer my services as bead checker for any woman who needs it. I’m here for ya. I will gladly help you care for your new bikini-tech too. They can be tricky to get off.