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Skybar Wine Cabinet beats drinking from the bottle

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on September 19th, 2008

Skybar Wine Cabinet beats drinking from the bottleWine connoisseurs will tell you that you have to store wine at the correct temperature. You can’t just throw it in your fridge. Plus you probably shouldn’t drink it straight from the bottle or serve it in a cup that has a cartoon character. You should store it and serve it in style. That’s where Skybar comes in.

It’s a “Wine Preservation and Optimization System”, that houses three chilled chambers to serve three seperate wines. A small LCD displays the temperature and you can even choose from nine preset chilling options. The device also features vacuum technology that helps to preserve wine for 10 days without any change in taste. It will even pour it for you. It will cost you $1,000, so I imagine some of you will stop reading now and go drink from the bottle.