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ECO Showerdrop keeps your shower short

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on October 29th, 2008

ECO Showerdrop keeps your shower shortThere’s nothing like a nice long and hot shower, but that isn’t good for the environment. Plus, in the cold of winter, it’s pretty tough to actually get out of the shower. If you need some help shutting the water off and getting out, the Eco Showerdrop will help you. It acts as both a water measurer and a timer, and it’s programmable.

Once you hit the water limit you’ve set for yourself, it beeps at you until you quit. If you keep showering, the device will calculate how much water you’re using and tell you, hoping that you can be guilted out of the shower. Different showers use different amounts of water, so the Eco Showerdrop can read how much water your specific showerhead is releasing. So hopefully you can set it for longer showers.