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Device disables your ride if you don’t pay up

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on May 8th, 2008

Device disables your ride if you don’t make car payments
I hear ya. The guys that made this device are only about a step above the cockroaches called Repomen. Still, banks have to protect their investment. This device will make it easier. A company called Sekurus has developed a device called the On Time which will force a new car owner to make their scheduled payments or run the risk of the vehicle not starting. The devices cost about $250 and are installed by car dealerships or finance companies, all because of your crappy credit histories.

When a payment on the vehicle is about due, an LED light on the box will blink. On the deadline day it will make an annoying beeping noise too. The idea is to annoy the hell out of you so you pay. It’s kinda like a loan-shark that way. If the owner makes the payment, the lender will give them a six-digit code that will disable the alerts. If they fail to make that payment, the vehicle just won’t start. And if they continue to avoid paying up, they’ll soon get a visit from the repo man.