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Seiko Slimstick is like a tiny Richard Simmons

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on April 27th, 2008

Seiko Slimstick is like a tiny Richard SimmonsPedometers are nothing new. They count the number of steps you take. Problem is, they don’t translate that figure into what’s needed to burn off all that junk food you cram down your pie-hole. Seiko has the answer in the form of it’s Slimstick. It’s like a tiny Richard Simmons in that it won’t let you cheat, no matter how hard you try and it is an exercise know-it-all. It won’t wear short shorts, talk all lispy and get into a fight with Dave Letterman…I hope.

It measures all of the work you do as you go about your day. It doesn’t just measure the number of steps you take, it uses sophisticated dual-axis accelerometers to measure the actual amount of work that is being done. With that information it calculates the number of calories burned. It will also store information about your routine, so that it can show you how you are progressing over time. It’s only the size of a pack of gum, so it won’t get in your way. The Slimstick is available in a variety of designer colors and finishes for around $60-70. But only in Japan.