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Lightsaber Umbrella’s

Posted in Star Wars by Tam Yue on March 10th, 2014

Lightsaber umbrellaThis is yet another item you must add to your Star Wars collection. A lightsaber umbrella is perfect for the rainy days of spring. You can choose between three different sabers (or umbrella’s if you prefer to call them that). If you are feeling a little Jedi during the rain, you can choose either the Yoda or Obi-Wan. Yoda has a green shaft while Obi-Wan has a blue shaft, both have the Jedi insignia on the umbrella. If you not feeling the Jedi love that day, you can always choose the Darth Vader version the difference being it has a red shaft and the Imperial insignia on the umbrella. Which ever one you choose, you will certainly feel a little more powerful over the rain than those other guys walking around without an umbrella.

Robot Ink: 20 awesome robot tattoos

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2009

Robot Ink: 20 awesome robot tattoosOver at Botropolis we have a compilation of awesome robot tattoos. If you’re gonna get some ink, consider getting something in the likeness of our future lords and masters. You never know, those who carry the mark of the bot may be spared on that future day of reckoning when the rest of us are all just charred corpses.

What the frak: Battlestar Galactica Cylon toaster

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on July 10th, 2008

What the frak: Battlestar Galactica Cylon toaster
This is a dream come true friends, cuz I’ve been wanting to toast some frakin Cylons real bad. Who’s with me? If you also love you some buttery toast, I know you’ve just wet your geek underoos.

Yes, believe your eyes, this is a limited edition Battlestar Galactica toaster that will put a Cylon smack in the middle of white bread. The price is $65 and you’re gonna wanna stock up on the bread so you can do it again and again.

A bike for the final frontier

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on July 2nd, 2008

A bike for the final frontier
This right here is a nerd dream come true. It’s not new by any means, the picture being from the 1982 San Diego Comic Con, but it is worthy of sharing since it shows that nerd evolution has been at a stand still for almost 30 years.

I’m guessing it didn’t score the owner any hot babes, but it must have been very satisfying watching jaws drop as the U.S.S. Enterprise rolls down the street. It’s really a sweet piece of work. If I could take a moment to nitpick over geek detail, the flag should be a United Federation of Planets flag and the seat should more closely resemble Kirk’s. I wonder if you can fix it with a tricorder.

Remote Ray Gun channel changer

Posted in Remotes by Conner Flynn on June 25th, 2008

Remote Ray Gun channel changer
If you want a remote that says, “Freeze or I’ll turn your planet to rubble.”, or “Flash Gordon refuses to watch this crap any longer.” then this is for you.

Ray guns were a staple of Sci-Fi from the 40’s through the 60’s, isn’t it about time you changed channels with one? Damn straight. Cuz geeks are all about pretend, even when they’re watching some other people pretending to cruise through space on T.V. The price won’t zap you at only $18, but you’ll need to wait until August 16th when it’s available. This is great for fighting robots.

Steampunk Dalek has wheels, can’t climb stairs

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on June 5th, 2008

Steampunk Dalek has wheels, can’t climb stairs
The tardis is flying out of out control. It was driven off course by an unknown force. Finally it lands. Ah, 19th century London. As you exit the door, you’re pleased to see that it all looks about right…Until you see one of these. Then another. And another. Something is very wrong with this time-line. But even as your brain processes the danger, you can’t help but admire the workmanship. You notice it has wheels, so they won’t be climbing any stairs again. Nothing else to do, but go have your adventure.

Can you believe this thing? It’s a model from Alex Holden. He modded the hell out of a bottle of Dalek bubble bath to create this beauty, adding all kinds of detail.

54 memorable sci-fi robots

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on May 20th, 2008

Robots of Battlestar Galactica
Sometimes the coolest gadgets in Sci-Fi are not gadgets at all. But robots. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable robots from sci-fi in no particular order. It’s not a complete list. Think of it more as a walk down memory lane. Because geeks love Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi has a long history of loving robots.


Sci-Fi guru Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90

Posted in News by Darrin Olson on March 19th, 2008

Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90 years old in Sri LankaArthur C. Clarke, science fiction author and most famously known for his work on “2001: A Space Odyssey” and his early forecast of communication satellites, died Wednesday in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the age of 90.

Clarke wrote nearly 100 books in his lifetime dealing mostly with the future of science and the idea that the destiny of the human race lied somewhere beyond the Earth. His writings shaped the way many people thought about science and technology and inspired a wide range of individuals ranging from scientific astronomer Carl Sagan to Gene Roddenberry with Star Trek.

R2-D2 case mod is exactly the droid you’re looking for

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on March 5th, 2008

R2-D2 case mod
This is probably the coolest case mod I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, it beats the R2-D2 cake for R2 related geek stuff I want. There doesn’t seem to be any real information about how the guy made it or what he used, but I’m assuming he is part Jawa and just scavenged parts as he roamed across the desert, bartering with moisture farmers.

There’s a ton of nice attention to detail and I don’t see any restraining bolt, so maybe this thing can roam around his house. Of course, if you had an R2 unit, you would need to childproof all the electrical outlets, so he isn’t having sex with them while you’re at work. I bet he isn’t even lonely without C-3PO at all. Goldenrod is a prissy droid, with an overactive mouth. Where as R2 is a true geek’s droid companion.

R2-D2 video projector: pre-order yours now

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on February 24th, 2008

R2-D2 video projector
Star Wars fans can finally pre-order this highly anticipated R2-D2 Video Projector. The 1/2 scale repro will be a limited edition, with only 4000 units of the DVD reader projector being made. The droid is also iPod compatible, users can play the files on their players or connect the projector to a game console using an integrated dock. It even comes with a Millennium Falcon remote control which seems kind of weird.

The R2 Video Projector will retail for 2799 euros. If you have that kind of dough, you better beat a path through the sand and beat the Jawa Sandcrawlers that are sure to be hunting these out.

R2-D2 cake: There’s always room for droids

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2008

R2-D2 cake
An R2-D2 cake that barely even looks like a cake? My fingers crave to dig into it’s dome head as I partake of it’s droid goodness by the heaping handful. Pastry chef Mark Randazzo of Mark Joseph Cakes sculpted this amazing treat. Note to George Lucas, let this guy cater any Lucasfilm events from now on.

It is 100% edible. As you can see, there is some amazing detail on this cake. R2 cakes are nothing new of course, but this one is an absolute masterpiece. I just asked my wife why her cakes don’t look like that and I immediately got a wiimote to the balls. Careful with the Wii everyone, seems injuries really can happen.


15 coolest geek-themed home theaters

Posted in Lists by Conner Flynn on February 11th, 2008

15 coolest geek-themed home theaters
When geeks set out to make home theaters, the results are often astounding, with some very cool themes. Often based on Sci-Fi flicks, these amazing works of art are expensive labors of geek love. I proudly present some of the cooler home theaters that have recently caught our eye.

Science Friction: When gadgets & Sci-Fi collide

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on February 1st, 2008

2008: A Brick Odyssey
“Something’s happening…Something wonderful.”