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TrickleStar saves you power

Posted in Power Strips by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2008

TrickleStar saves you powerTrickle out economics have you down? You know, Trickle out economics. When the money trickles out of your pockets because of plugged in, yet turned of appliances that are still sucking juice like a toddler building up a good diarrhea diaper bomb. TrickleStar of Hong Kong claims to have the first power-saving device in the world that is able to shave up to 12% off your monthly utility bill simply by killing standby power, while reducing a similar amount on your power usage.

The TrickleStar PC Standby Power Saver is connected to a PC via your USB port. It will keep an eye on the computer’s power status continuously. A power extension cable will connect to your power strip with the rest of all your peripherals plugged in. When your PC is turned off, the TrickleStar’s current sensing circuitry will kill off ALL power to the peripherals, and vice versa when the PC is powered. The TrickleStar will be available in January.