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Sanwa 400-MA029 Wireless Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Reuben Drake on July 21st, 2011

Sanwa has released their latest wireless mouse, the different looking 400-MA029 in Japan. This mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries and comes in a 5-button design.

The mouse also features a 2.4GHz radio frequency, a blue LED ‘Blue-Tech’ sensor, a 1000/500dpi resolution that is switchable and a tiny USB receiver. It comes in both red and black color options for about $22.

Sanwa iPad Stand with Stereo Speaker

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on February 20th, 2011

You certainly have plenty of choices when it comes to iPad stands, with or without speakers, but Sanwa is hoping that you choose their recently launched version. The 400-SP013 is their latest aluminum stand for the iPad.

It was designed by Taiwanese company KEYDEX and it isn’t very hard on the eyes. We’ve seen much worse. It’s pretty basic and this iPad stand also comes equipped with a pair of 1.5W speakers for quality audio. Sadly we don’t have any info on pricing at the moment, but hopefully we will have that info soon.

Sanwa USB keyboard with built-in stereo speakers

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on August 24th, 2009

Sanwa USB keyboard with built-in stereo speakersHere’s a cool USB keyboard that looks awesome. It’s the 400-SKB005 from Sanwa. What sets it apart from your boring regular keyboard is that this keyboard comes with built-in dual 1.5w stereo speakers. It also features blue LED backlighting, for those who type in the dark.

The Sanwa 400-SKB005 is available now in Japan for 7,980 Yen, which is about $84. No word if this will show up outside of Japan, but don’t get your hopes up. This 109 key keyboard just looks cool. The speakers are a bonus.

Sanwa throat microphone

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on March 23rd, 2009

Sanwa throat microphoneThroat microphones have enjoyed some popularity with the military and police, but they haven’t caught on with civilians yet. The Sanwa Throat microphone might be the one that catches the average user’s attention. At least Sanwa hopes so. It doesn’t hurt that it looks like a high-tech choker. Just bedazzle it and the ladies will dig it. It isn’t threatening looking.

It puts the microphone against your throat, eliminating most of the background noise and working in conditions where the background noise is loud. No word on pricing or availability yet. Even though it looks silly, it could catch on in a big way.