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Zen PC concept: Be one with the PC

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on February 24th, 2008

Zen PC Concept
Zen is all about being calm with your surroundings, grasshopper. When you look at your PC, do you feel stressed? Of course you do, work, work, work. They call this the sandbox PC, and it should help to alleviate such things and put you in a calm state of mind. Users can use it without even looking at it, because it operates using an active surface which changes texture depending on the area or function you choose.

This would be particularly good for the blind or visually impaired. We are used to visual inputs, they are not. It’s quite a learning curve for those of us with sight, but I don’t think we will be seeing it anytime soon anyway. I hope I’m wrong however, because this would be great for a great tool for those who can not see.