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Beach Vault

Posted in Security by Tam Yue on June 9th, 2014

Beach VaultThis is creative genius.

We have all been to the beach with our bag of precious things; cell phone, camera, purse, wallet. And we worry about these “things” getting ripped off by someone while we are laying there basking in the sun or out in the water.

Bring on the Beach Vault. The Vault is a container that looks like that of a screw, which is actually very important to the functionality of this product. You don’t have to dig a hole, all you do is turn the Vault into the sand and it buries itself. You remove the lid and you can store all of your valuables inside. It is large enough to hold a tablet, two wallets, cell phones, keys and you will still have room left over. And not only that, the Vault is water tight.

Another amazing thing about …

Roly Poly Iron won’t burn your shirt

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on March 4th, 2010

You know how it is. Every time you and your wife get into a disagreement your shirt ends up getting burnt by the iron. Just an accident surely, but well timed. Well we can’t help you with that, but we can make sure that the iron itself doesn’t burn your shirt.

The Roly Poly Iron will make sure of it. When the iron is left on its own without anybody holding it, the moving weight in the handle rocks to the back of the iron, which tips it backwards to a standing position. Pretty neat. When you come back, just grab the handle and use it.

Art Lebedev’s Transparentius makes roads safer

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on December 22nd, 2009

Transparentius is a simple and great idea. Just put a camera on the front of a large truck, then project that image onto the back of the truck. This makes the truck “transparent” for the driver behind, who now has much more information about what lies on the road ahead.

If you know what’s coming, you won’t get flattened like a pancake on the road when you try to pass. We don’t know how the rear projection is achieved or how sunlight glare factors in, but Art Lebedev usually has it all thought out. The real question is, how expensive would this be?

Portable LED Gas Detector

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on October 17th, 2009

Portable LED Gas DetectorIf you are worried about a gas leak, you don’t want to just rely on your nose. The LED Gas Detector will do a far better job at telling you if there is gas in the air. The device will detect the most common flammable gases like propane, butane, acetylene and natural gas.

Handy for checking for gas leaks in pipes, your hot water heater, propane grill tanks and more. The gas detector has an LED indicator and an alarm that will activate when flammable levels of gas are detected. The green light means it’s safe and the red light means danger.

Amber Alert GPS intros GPS 2G device

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on August 26th, 2009

Amber Alert GPS intros GPS 2G device These days you can’t be too cautious about the safety of your child. And so Amber Alert has introduced their Amber Alert GPS 2G child tracking device. It will keep tabs on the little ones and give you peace of mind. The Amber Alert GPS 2G allows parents to limit their child’s boundaries with a pre-designated safe zone regardless of where they are.

The device also creates a “bread crumbing” trail of the children’s route by using a series of alerts and alerts you when they get to their destination safely. You’ll also get voice monitoring and the ability to monitor the vehicle’s speed.

Hands On: SmartSwipe Credit Card reader

Posted in Security by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2009

Hands On: SmartSwipe Credit Card readerIf you’re paranoid about your credit card info while shopping online, (And who isn’t?) it just got a little safer thanks to the SmartSwipe credit card reader. You might think you’re safe online as long as that padlock icon is displayed in your browser. And you are pretty safe, but not completely, hackers can still access your personal information while it is being entered into your computer and while it is still in memory.

With this SmartSwipe card reader your info is safe becaue your card information is never stored on your computer. The device uses Dynamic SSL technology and the same level of encryption used in bank machines and ATMs.

Solar Driveway Markers keep you from driving into your living room

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on March 12th, 2009

Solar Driveway MarkersSometimes you can’t see where you are going, while driving. This might be due to alcohol, snow or even fog. Most likely alcohol. These Solar Driveway Markers sure would come in handy so you don’t end up parking in your living room.

They’re 1 meter tall, stick into the ground and are recharged by the sun so that they may blink red for 8 hours. That way when you come home you’ll know where or where not to park. Buy a whole bunch and put on a light show, or use it to actually confuse people, then sit back and watch the comedy.


Robotic Crawler carries you away in an earthquake

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2009

Robotic Crawler carries you away in an earthquakeCheck out the image. You tell me if that isn’t the future of human burial. Robots will carry your corpse directly into your dirt bed, deposit you for your dirt nap and go get another rotting human vessel. It’s probably how they will clean up our bodies when they inherit the Earth. But I digress.

This robotic crawler will soon to be inducted in Yokohama’s fire department. It’s designed to carry a human from the disaster zone to safety. In an earthquake rescue workers can load an injured person in the crawler and that person will be carried from the site to relief operations. It has four wheel belts and can easily move over rubble and other obstacles.

Create your own bike lane with LightLane

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on January 15th, 2009

Create your own bike lane with LightLaneIt’s dangerous out there for a bike rider. Do you have any idea how many idiots are out there driving vehicles? Having a bike lane on the street that you’re traveling helps a lot. With a bike lane, drivers are more aware of you and you have your own designated space, which should keep you safe. Unfortunately, bike lanes are not on every street. What do you do?

Make your own, that’s what. Always have a bike lane with you. The LightLane is a concept that uses frikkin lasers to project an illuminated bike lane all around you while you are pedaling away. It keeps you visible to cars, which keeps you alive to bike another day.

Lok8u announces Nu•M8 GPS child locator watch

Posted in CES 2009 by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2009

Lok8u announces Nu•M8 GPS child locator watchLok8u has made the trek from the UK all the way to Vegas so they could show off their Nu•M8 GPS child locator at CES. It’s the “innovative new best friend for parents and children.” Yippee. Try telling your kid that after he’s been beat up for wearing such a hefty nerd watch.

The device is touted as the first of its kind, created specifically to be worn by children with the technology “cleverly concealed within a child’s digital watch.” Um, okay. I think everyone who sees this watch knows that something is up. The watch will also send an alert if it’s ever “forcibly removed,”, thereby forcing your child to wear their $218 watch.

Floating Pet Collar keeps Fido safe

Posted in Pets by Conner Flynn on December 21st, 2008

Floating Pet Collar keeps Fido safeThe Float-a-Pet collar is a good idea. For one thing it keeps your pet safe, for another it’s fun to see pet heads floating down Main Street during a flood. Win/win. It’s an inflating floating emergency collar with a flashing light so you can locate your pet even in the dark.

Sure, dogs can swim, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get tired, just like us. It may not be such a great idea that the flashing light is powered by solar. Probably not the best way to power something that is made for emergency nighttime situations. But with this thing, at least your pet has a chance to become one of many floating heads in a flood situation.


Retroreflective vinyl turns stuff from black to white

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2008

Retroreflective vinyl turns stuff from black to whiteHere’s a great idea. If you ride your bike at night, hopefully you have reflectors attached so cars can see you and you don’t get ran over. Thing is, there is now a better type of reflector for your bike, as in making the entire bike a reflector. Did I mention that it’s invisible?

Impossible you say? Not anymore. It’s made possible by retroreflective vinyl. The material looks black under normal light, but turns completely and utterly white and reflective when a bright light, like headlights shines on it. It also gives you a two-color chameleon-like bike. You can actually buy it and do it to your own bike.

Houdini tool helps you escape from your car

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on November 19th, 2008

Houdini tool helps you escape from your carHere’s a handy tool for those who need to escape from their own vehicle, whether you’ve driven into a lake and are about to drown or your doors have trapped you inside after an accident. Just carry this Houdini Automotive Escape Tool with you at all times. It features a safety whistle, LED light, spring loaded glass punch and even a seatbelt cutter.

It’s super compact, you will fit on your keyring. Not enough? The pro version has still more features and was designed for rescue workers, firefighters, and the like. You never know when you might get trapped in a car after all.

LEGO security bracelet for kids

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on October 30th, 2008

LEGO security bracelet for kidsThis concept security bracelet for kids comes from a project led by Rodrigo Torres. The idea is that if you combine a security bracelet with LEGO, kids will be more apt to wear it and be tracked for safety reasons. It’s got several features that will get your kid to keep it with him/her.

First off, they can design it the way they like with LEGO bricks. Throw in some games, photos, speaker and the a Lego man in front, and your kid is suckered into being tracked while having a fun device of their own. Heck, I want one myself. I don’t care if it’s tracking me. Sadly, it remains but a concept at the moment.

Safe Bedside Table not so safe for intruders

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on October 22nd, 2008

Safe Bedside Table not so safe for intrudersIt’s the middle of the night. You’re lying in bed when you hear a prowler. Not a problem at all thanks to the Safe Bedside Table by James McAdam. Just jump up out of bed, wear your tabletop shield and grab your table leg club. You may want to shout something cool, like “This…is…Sparta!” then go do battle. The thief will be caught off guard and momentarily stunned to see somebody actually brandishing a club and shield. One quick hit to the head and it’s all over. The wife won’t be questioning “that stupid little table” anymore.

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