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BlueAnt S3 Speakerphone launches at CES

Posted in BlueAnt by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2011

BlueAnt, makers of all kinds of Bluetooth gear has launched a new device at CES 2011 called the S3. It connects to the visor in your car and offers hands free calling as well as a lot of other features. The device features a convenient auto reconnect that connects your phone back to the S3 each time you get in or out of the car. It also supports text-to-speech for text messages when used with a separate downloadable app.

The S3 will cost you $79.99 and ships in the first quarter of 2011. It can also be paired with two devices at one time and supports five languages. In addition to the other features, the speaker is full-duplex and it has wind and echo cancellation.