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Tony Hawk Ride hits US shelves

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on November 18th, 2009

Tony Hawk Ride hits US shelvesOriginally it was rumored for an October release date, but then that changed to November 17th and sure enough Tony Hawk Ride was all ready to go on November 17. It will cost you $120 and the game/peripheral combo let you do all of the simulated skateboarding you want on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

European availability is December 4 with Amazon for $149. So go get your fake skateboard and park it next to your fake guitar and drum set.

Tony Hawk’s Ride: November 17

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on August 10th, 2009

tonyhawkride-sbIf you are still waiting for Tony Hawk: RIDE to get you moving in front of your console, we’re sorry to report that you still have a few months to ride the real thing while you wait.

The upcoming Tony Hawk game will use the new skateboard controller and go on sale November 17th for $120. Despite the fact that Amazon is still showing the release for mid October.

Tony Hawk Ride’s skateboard peripheral will also be available in white

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on July 16th, 2009

Tony Hawk Ride's skateboard Remember the Tony Hawk Ride board? The one with the charcoal color? We thought the color was just fine, and represented boards fairly well. But it seems like the game’s director Josh Tsui doesn’t agree. He told GamesIndustry.biz that it will be launched in a “more consumer friendly… iPod-like” white color.

Are they seriously trying to trick people into thinking that this is a new cooler version of the Wii balance board? C’mon, white? Tsui heaped on a bunch of praise for the peripheral too, calling the board “the most advanced peripheral on the market.”

Tony Hawk Ride game includes motion-sensing skateboard controller

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on May 15th, 2009

Tony Hawk RideTony Hawk’s new game will come with a skateboard peripheral so you can do all kinds of amazing tricks. The motion controls are pretty detailed and feature an advanced mode that will allow for in-place 180s, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be lifting the board off the ground.

Grabs are performed by actually grabbing the board as it senses your hand position, and pushing is performed by running your foot along the side of the board. Obviously, ollies and flip tricks are going to be different than the real thing.

Some guy plays Guitar Hero on a bike

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on November 20th, 2008

This is one hell of a bike/Guitar Hero mashup. Who knows how long it took these GH geeks to set the whole thing up. All I know is that this dude and his friends had wayyy too much time on their score-marked hands. It’s just further proof, as if we needed any, that rock nerds go freakin crazy for GH, while the rest of us are doing stuff like, I don’t know, kissin girls. Okay, I admit it rocked just a tad. They get points for a crazy ride. It just leaves ya feeling like, “What the hell did I just watch?”.

Electric Bike Train: Ride like ducks in a row

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2008

Electric Bike Train: Ride like ducks in a row
The price of gas being what it is, and considering what it will reach, suddenly all kinds of personal transport concepts are looking more promising. Take the Electric Bike Train for instance. In a world of skyrocketing gas prices, it’s the perfect electric bike for an entire large family.

It’s designed by Jiang Qian, and while I can’t find anything about just how many bikes can be linked up, I would guess quite a few. The front wheel connects to the two rear tires of the next unit. See, even when gas is unaffordable, you can still listen to your kids bitch and whine and ask “Are we there yet?”.