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Elite750 Email Address Club For The Rich

Posted in email by Conner Flynn on July 22nd, 2011

Elite750.com is “the world’s first provider of exclusive email accounts” with email ids that read as @elite750.com. Because people with too much money need to feel special after all. Your email account will be priced at a $750 per month with a signup fee of $7,500.

And you will be in exclusive company as well since it is limited to only 750 members worldwide. The Elite750 club gives members services that are basically what a regular email id gets, just with the bonus of overpaying.

Xtraordinay Adventures offers budget space flights for rich folk

Posted in Space by Shane McGlaun on July 30th, 2010

I would not think that someone who had $100k to drop on a suborbital space flight would quibble much about an extra few grand or even an extra hundred grand. The folks with the disposable income to take a joy ride into space probably don’t think twice about that kind of money.

A company called Xtraordinary Adventures has announced that it is pre-booking suborbital space flights on its reusable Lynx spacecraft for $95,000. The company points out that its price is $7000 less than Space Adventures and $100,000 less than Virgin Galactic’s price.

Chairman phone for the rich and geeky

Posted in Mobile Phones by Shane McGlaun on March 26th, 2009

chairmanphone-sbIt doesn’t matter if you are a homeless New Yorker or an uber rich businessperson; most of us have one gadget in common — the cell phone. There are few people today that don’t have a mobile phone, though the type of phones we use varies greatly. Many geeks carry the iPhone and your mom may have the cheap phone that comes free with her plan. The mega rich also have their own type of cell phone.

Mobile phones like the Vertu Signature Dragon have been available for the elite for a while. A new handset is now available for the well-heeled buyer called The Chairman. The device is from SCI Innovations and watchmaker Ulysse Nardin. The main design feature of the phone is a functional watch rotor. The phone is offered in solid gold and steel/gold versions as well as all steel versions.

Clairvoyant watch for the rich & foolish

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on March 25th, 2009

Clairvoyant watch for the rich & foolishRemember mood rings? Even if you aren’t old enough, you’ve heard about them. Yeah, this is like that, only geared toward rich idiots. This watch is timekeeping merged with fortune telling. Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud has gone all superstitious and teamed up with Indian fortune tellers to craft a watch that will foresee the future.

Whenever things are about to take a turn for the worse in your life, that kidney-shaped section on the watch will turn brown. (Many people do this same voodoo with their underwear. Though unknowingly) The Borgeaud site states that “the watch automatically displays a daily 90-minute period called the Raju Kaal, which is believed to be a terrible time to make important decisions or start new projects.” Once the dark forces have left, the watch will then return to its normal color.

Pure*Gold PC for millionaires

Posted in PCs by Conner Flynn on October 30th, 2008

Pure*Gold PC for millionairesEveryone is looking to buy some gold, seeing it as a safe bet in an uncertain economy. Why not combine your gold with say, your PC and feel like a Bond villain in some underground lair?

While we aren’t sure how much gold this PC contains, it will impress your minions until you you drop them in a shark pond. It does feature an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 100GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, along with eight USB 2.0 ports and two FireWire sockets. No word on price, but it’s a safe bet you can’t afford it. Anyway, you have to go through black market channels for Super-villain goods.