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Revolver Camera shoots a bullet, takes a picture

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on May 19th, 2011

Photographers who also like to shoot guns will love this weapon. This weapon fires bullets and takes pictures at the same time. It was apparently used in 1938 in New York. The gun is a Colt 38 and it had a tiny camera attached to it that was controlled by the trigger.

We don’t have much more information than that, but it’s impressive. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be in these pictures. Good thing nobody else got their hands on it. I can easily imagine some whack job firing away at people and posting the pics online. Yeah, this is not a good combination here.

The Shotgun Revolver

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on February 14th, 2010

Back in Dirty Harry’s day Harry Calahan’s .44 Magnum seemed like the canon of handguns. Times have changed a lot since then. These days if you run into a Chinese gangster, they are likely packing a shotgun revolver like the one above.

Homemade handgun revolvers that use standard 12 gauge shotgun shells are becoming very popular with Taiwanese gang members. This one was confiscated from a 19 year old gang gun runner. That handle on the front isn’t just for looks, it’s necessary for the kind of kick this thing delivers.

The suicidal revolver

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2009

The suicidal revolverWe’ve featured some pretty badass weapons here at the ‘Brick. This one is maybe the most depressing gun we’ve ever seen. But tough economic times call for a special brand of gun I guess. Great for the Wall street dude or banker who has just lost a vast fortune and is too chicken to take the plunge off a skyscraper. Actually, their victims could probably appreciate this gun too.

It’s a one shot weapon made for one thing only. Suicide. It makes the revolver ring look tame in comparison as well as the almighty Blast Knuckles.

Nack utility knife holds a barrel full of blades

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on December 8th, 2008

Nack utility knife holds a barrel full of blades“The Nack” knife is different from other utility knife tools, because it holds 15 blades pre-loaded in the hilt. That little feature makes it easy to switch out a dull blade for a new sharp one without taking the knife apart. Which saves you time and gets the job done quicker.

Just retract the blade, turn the end cap and slide a new blade out. One downside is that this means you also have to buy replacement cartridges from Nack Products for $6. The Nack will cost you $16 by itself. It comes in two versions: one is black with a soft grip, and the other is metal and carries the additional title of Pro.

Revolver Ring is a seriously small gun

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on November 28th, 2008

Revolver Ring is a seriously small gunThese miniature gun rings won’t kill, but they may make your wedding vows a little more serious. Because when you and your spouse each have one of these, arguments end very quickly. While they would make interesting conversation pieces, I wouldn’t wear one to the airport. These rings come with tiny bullets that you can put in the chamber, which we hope is non-functional.

The gun is modeled after antique wild west revolvers and presumably would have been great for women on the frontier to protect themselves, as well as Mini-me. It’s a nicely crafted and tiny weapon.