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Tempo wireless external recycle bin

Posted in Concepts,Storage by Reuben Drake on August 27th, 2007

Tempo wireless external trash can stores deleted files on hard driveThe idea behind this conceptual design is to provide an additional “safety net” of storage for your computers deleted items. The Tempo is an external 250GB (the site indicated Gb, but we’re guessing they meant bytes for this to be practical) hard drive that connects to your PC or Mac via Bluetooth and monitors your deleted items. Each time you delete files from your computer they are stored on the Tempo trash drive where they can be recovered if needed, providing you another layer of recovery for those accidentally deleted items.

The device itself is shaped like a little trash can that can sit on your desk withing Bluetooth range of your computer to wireless transfer the files. LED indicators on the Tempo drive light from the bottom up indicating at a glance how full the …