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CES 2008

Intempo Daisy wireless internet/FM radio

Posted in CES 2008,Intempo,Radio by Darrin Olson on January 14th, 2008

Daisy radio from Intempo does internet radio and FM radioIntempo has a new radio out that it claims to be the world’s first low-power internet and FM radio on the market. The Daisy radio features the ability to pick up as many as 6,000 different radio stations wirelessly through a Wi-Fi connection, provided you’re in range of one. If you’re not, the little radio can also pick up regular FM signals.

We haven’t seen a lot from Intempo lately but they kicked this device off at last weeks CES conference to start out their 2008 with a new product on the market. The radio features a somewhat unique design with an offset rectangle separating the speaker from the display. It has touch-sensitive controls on the right for navigating stations and volume and also features a clock and alarm. Internal batteries keep the device portable and give it up to 20 hours of playback.

Donut shaped FM Radio

Posted in Radio by Reuben Drake on August 9th, 2007

Donut FM RadioSome gadgets are cool for their technology, some are cool for their looks and some have both. In this case I don’t know if it has either but it caught our eye nonetheless – probably just because we like donuts.

This Donut FM Radio has no ground breaking technology as it plays FM radio out of a mono-speaker’d plastic ring. It runs off of a single AA battery and has a wire antenna that pulls out of the battery case if needed. Operating the donut radio is simple. The inner ring turns to power the radio on and off and adjusts the volume causing a glowing blue ring to light up indicating the device is operational. The outer ring turns to tune in your station which always has one preset – whichever station you had it on last (provided you didn’t move the ring).

The device has …

Wi-Fi Enabled NetWorksGo and NetWorks Table Radio from Tivoli

Posted in Radio,Tivoli Audio,Wi-Fi by Darrin Olson on June 24th, 2007

NetWorksGo radio from Tivoli supports portable WiFi and internet radioTivoli Audio seems to be coming out of their shell some by breaking from their traditional, mostly-AM/FM radio products into integrating digital music and internet radio with two new devices coming to the market this fall. The two new network-enabled radios will be called the NetWorksGo, and the NetWorks Table Radio, which both look to be upgrades of existing products with the new networking capabilities added in.

Both radios will drop the AM tuner, retaining only the FM radio and add in the ability to stream in MP3, WMA and Real Audio internet radio to playback through the device with no computer required. They can also optionally connect to a networked computer or through a USB connection to play music from a PC or other device.

Networks Table Radio from Tivoli featuring internet radio and WiFiThe internet …

Torian InFusion Portable Internet Radio

Posted in Digital Audio,Torian by Paul Patterson on December 17th, 2006

Torian InFusion Internet RadioI’m so happy; I think I just discovered the solution to my internet radio issues – the InFusion by Torian. You see, I listen to a LOT of internet radio and I’ve been searching for a good solution which would allow me to listen to internet radio without a PC.

The InFusion allows users to listen to any Internet radio station from around the world without the need for a computer. You just need access to an appropriate WiFi hot spot (WLAN 802.11b).

It works much like a regular radio would, select from thousands of stations and make up to 16 presets for your favorite programs. The device also includes an FM radio receiver if you can’t get internet access. Audio playback options include MP3, RealAudio, AAC, OGG (WMA in 2007). The InFusion has a SD MMC Card Slot to store all …